My Miracle Story
By: Anonymous
When we heard 8 years ago that our only son was autistic and retarded, we were quite lost. We did what we had to do, we put him in special education and gave him all the love and attention any child could need. However, shortly afterwards, Jesus spoke to my heart (the mother) that the story would not end there.
The more I prayed for acceptance of the fact that his future would be different, the more Jesus spoke to me that He  would touch our son called Floris Christian (which means flourishing christian) .
However, I closed my heart for these thoughts and continued to pray for acceptance.
I ended up praying all day, not on my knees all the time, but doing so in all my daily things as a housewife. Even when people visited me, I prayed inwardly, and ended doing so until going to bed.
Months went on by!
One day I was weeding my garden and noticed how one of my favourite flower buds was  cut off, (all children of the neighbourhood play in my garden, as we have such a large one and most others do not have one).
As children play, accidents happen with my flowers. I was feeling very low, seeing it was my favourite flower a poppy, that was cut off and it laid dead on the earth.
Then  I heard the voice of Jesus speaking! He said: pick up this dead flower bud, as it is your son! Put it into living water, and I will make it grow. Naturally, I thought I had gone mad, and rushed inside. But every time I went into the garden, Jesus spoke louder and louder. So I obeyed Him and rushed to get the dead and dried poppy bud in order to put it into a bowl of water.

When my husband came home, I told him the entire story, and he did not laugh or ridicule me. Sam said: well, if your God tells you so, I am glad you obeyed Him,.
But please be not devastated if this flower will remain dead, it looks quite dead, you know! But there came life in the dead and crispy bud! It turned green and healthy, and a beautiful poppy appeared. It became red and more red than those outside, it became bigger lots bigger than those outside!

And so it was with our son.
He became social and kind and loving and clever and more clever and made so many friends!
He went to normal high school last year!
His schoolmarks were very high! A's and B's!
He has been tested again a few months ago, and the result is: a normal boy in intelligence, exceptional social and kind, not dyslectic, and easy to raise.

Praise Jesus for His goodness and His mercy which endureth for ever and ever!

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