Little Miracle
It was about a week before Christmas the year after my father died. He was a kind man. A carpenter that everyone loved and respected. He raised four of us children with kindness and we all miss him very much, but I especially miss him because he was so much like me. He understood me in a way that my mother didn't. I felt secure and happy when I was around him. Never felt like I was bothering him when I just wanted a hug. He was just a good man and father and it struck me really hard when I watched him pass away of liver cancer that year. He took a part of me with him. Well, to make a long story short, the following Christmas we pulled out all of our decorations and began testing all of our twinkle lights before we hung them on the tree and house. To my dismay, my favorite line that played music wasn't working. It was a line that my father bought for me 2 years earlier because he knew I'd like the musical part. I worked and worked on that line for hours trying to get them working, but nothing. I sat there in my living room chair crying like a baby and wishing that dad were there to fix them for me. He was not only a wonderful carpenter, he could fix anything and everything. My husband and kids came into the living room and saw me crying and decided I needed to have some fun, so they took me in the car and we went for ice cream. We were gone for about an hour and the whole time I panicked because I just knew I had left that set of lights plugged in when we left. I was afraid there was a short in them that caused them to not work and thought the worst the whole time. Finally we finished our ice cream and started home. I envisioned the house in flames and all of our presents charred. It was the longest 15 minute drive on earth. When we pulled into the driveway my fears were doused out and we all went back into the house to make some coffee and listen to Christmas music. When my husband opened the door, there was the most amazing site I had ever seen. The set of lights that refused to work were all lit up and the music was playing! The kids were so happy and I couldn't stop crying! I don't know exactly what happened that night, but my husband says it was my dad that fixed the lights for me. He knew that Christmas was my favorite time of the year and wanted to make this one special for me. He succeeded in doing so. I looked up and said thank you to my dad and told him how much I missed him and loved him.

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