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There were so many times in my life that God has watched over and protected myself and my family.  As follows are just two of many experiences I have had.  They were frightening at the time they happened, but later on, I found them to be beautiful examples of God's love and protection.  I would like to share them with you:

1.  My husband and I were just getting out of a bad financial predicament.  We managed to buy a used car that we thought was in pretty good condition.  My older son was attending a college an hour's drive from our home in Chicago.  He would stay at school from Monday through Friday, and then on the weekends he would come home.  My husband would usually drive him back to school on Sunday evening, but sometimes my younger son and I would go along for the ride.  This one Sunday evening, that was the case, and the whole family was preparing to take a ride back to school with my son.  While we were getting ready, my older son said he would get the car out of the driveway and pull it up to the front of the house.  I said "O.K"., and continued to get ready.  A couple of minutes later, my son came back into the house.  He had a very frightened look on his face.  I asked him what was the matter.  He said "Mom, come outside and look at the car".  I went outside, and gasped in horror.  The tie rods had broken, and the front wheels had collapsed.  If this had happened while we were on the expressway, we surely would have all died.  Praise God for protecting us.

2.  This second story is so similar, and happened shortly after.  Well, we got rid of that car with the broken tie rods, and bought another used car, but thought this one was better, because the guy who sold it to us told us he had made a whole bunch of repairs and improvements, such as new master cylinder, transmission, etc., etc.  He showed us a bunch of receipts acknowledging these repairs.  So, O.K., we thought this would be a better car.  One day, my two sons and I decided to take a ride to a shopping center called "Gurnee Mills", about 1-1/2 hours ride on the tollroad from Chicago.  I was driving the car.  I was driving kind of fast to keep up with the traffic on the tollroad.  I had a feeling that I should not be driving so fast, but I dismissed it.  Anyway, the shopping center was directly next to the tollroad exit.  So, when I reached the exit, I got off, pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center, and I immediately felt something funny, and realized that the brakes had immediately gone out of the car.  I mean they were almost completely gone.  I said "Oh, no - not again".  If this had happened just a couple of minutes before, we probably would have been hurt or killed, as I was driving pretty fast, and the traffic was pretty heavy.  So, the Lord again had his hand upon us, keeping those shoddy brakes together until we got off the tollroad.  Praise God.

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