My First Miracle

In 1990, I was struggling with many issues in my life and I was desperately seeking peace more than anything else at that time. I was miserable and very unhappy with many things.  It was in February but forgot the date.  One day, before I went to bed asked in my heart, "God, if you exist please show me evidence." or similar words.  I immediately fell asleep.  I hardly fall
asleep that fast and even during sleeping I can hear noise and sense of lights on and off.  I am sensitive in a way.  Anyway, I fell asleep like a dead person and will tell you at the end of this story.  I had a dream that night.  (in my dream) I was standing on this globe(Earth) and saw the horizon.  There were many stars in the sky and as I was watching them, I saw a star shooting down toward Earth and it crashed on the horizon with dust of clouds.  I then turned my head (not sure about this) but I saw blue sky filled with doves (tens of millions) from end to end and they were all flying toward Earth.  I saw each of them holding a piece of paper in their beaks(?) and they looked very realistic because the closer to Earth were larger and the farther ones looks smaller.  Then I saw (I am not sure which one came first now the doves in sky or the Blessed Mother) above the ground
level but little higher up (I had to raise my head  back to look) on pinkish clouds the Blessed Mother was standing stretching her arms  down.  She wore an off white mantle without a crown.  She was smiling toward me.  I tried to see her feet but could not see because they were covered in the clouds.  I looked at Her face...oh! more than anything else Her face struck my heart.  It's hard for me explain the beauty and purity.  She was human in every way (physical form) but to me, She was not in a way.
Her face was so pure, so pure.  I have never seen anyone like that in my life.  The purity on her face gave me impression that she NEVER once was close to any sin...and this is the only way I can describe her.
The next morning I work up but didn't pay too much attention about my dream but got busy and left house at 6 a.m. to catch a bus to D.C.  When I arrived at a Park and Ride where I catch a bus, there were already commuters lined up.  I got out of my car and walked toward them.  But, I thought something was strange about them.  Many of men were wearing hats and they all standing as if their backs were crooked.  I just thought, "why do they wear hats today?  why are they standing like that?"  Well, before I left for the Park and Ride, I had to let my dog out in the back yard.  At the same time as I always did, I checked the air to determine what to wear for the day.  The air was fresh and little cool but not cold so I grabbed a thin layered rain coat to wear for the day.  The bus arrived in D.C., and I had to walk another 4 blocks to the building where I worked.  I felt like I
could fly.  I felt like heavy burden from my shoulders were lifted completely.  I just felt so much energy within me.  I usually dragged myself to work day after day at that time.  Nothing unusual happened all day at work place.  I arrived at home around 5:30 p.m.  My husband was home already and after a few greetings with him I went to the kitchen to see what to cook. Then meanwhile I took off my raincoat and opened the sliding door to the back yard for fresh air.  I felt so hot and so much energy in me.  A couple minutes later, he came back to the dining room and got angry at me for leaving the sliding door open.  He closed the door and  with an upset attitude said, "Why did you opened the door?  Do you know how cold it is?"  I said, "No, I want the fresh air and I feel hot."  Then he said something very odd to me because he rarely said such things.  He said, "What?  you are hot?  Something is wrong with you.  Maybe you better see a doctor!"  So, I wanted check whether he was just upset with me about something or he was telling the truth.  I checked the thermometer that was attached outside of the kitchen window.  It read 35 degrees!  Then I felt maybe something wrong with me?  But I feel great all day.  Then I began thinking about the dream and the morning I couldn't feel the cold at all.  When I left 6 a.m. in the morning that day must have been way below 35 degrees.  My husband said, "Do you know how cold today is?  It's the coldest day of this winter!"Frankly, I didn't know what to make  of it, the way I felt and about the dream.  I could not tell my husband about the dream because I know his faith and if
I tell him he would just make a joke out of it.  The next day, everything turned normal for me.  I felt the burden in my life, the misery and so on.  So, three days later I called a Catholic elderly man to get some idea about such dream.  As soon as I mentioned me seeing the Blessed Mother in my dream he, over the phone, made a big deal saying, "Oh my God!  Do you know what that means?"  I said that I didn't know.  He said that I must be a good person.  I said that I am not and I am not even a good Christian.  I was attending Mass every Sunday out of  habit, not because I believed anything or had faith in God.  I didn't even know what the word, 'Blessed Mother' means in English.  I had thought until that time that most Catholics sometimes pray in front of the statue of  Virgin Mary and that's about all I knew of the Blessed Mother.  I had not heard
about Fatima either at the time and in addition I had no clue on such as apparition or seers or messages from God.  So, I was not a least a good one.  A month later, while I was talking with a Protestant friend over the phone I mentioned my dream.  She does not believe Blessed Mother, but she said it was the Holy Spirit that came to me so I was not able to feel the cold temperature on that day.  I asked, "What's Holy Spirit?"  She explained little bit about it but didn't touch me much.
Right after the dream, the following Sunday as I was entering the church, I saw a message on the wall and it said, "Peace is possible."  Peace didn't come to me as I wished but I began believing something I can see with my naked eyes...that is Holy Spirit.

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