Heal My Pain
By: ruthkim68@hotmail.com
A few years ago, probably in 1999 early March, I was awaken in the morning with a severe pain in my right shoulder.  I'd never had such pain in my life.  I sat on my bed and tried to move my right arm but the pain was so bad I could not even move it an inch backward.  I thought maybe the way I slept caused it, so I figured it would go away later that day.  I went to work but driving was not easy because I had to carefully move my neck to see other cars behind me or next me.  I used my left hand for everything (I am right-handed), and I was not comfortable.  But I didn't think it was anything serious.  The pain didn't get any better the next day or the third day.  I began to worry on the third day and my mind was filled with dark clouds and fear of unknown.  On the third day, that night before I went to sleep, I prayed (I usually talk to Jesus as I talk to people) and said,
"Jesus, I have this pain.  I am afraid.  You are the doctor of Universe.  Please cure me...but it's Your will not my will."  I didn't pray long but I had faith in Him at the time.  That night for the first time in my life (I am over 50 now) I had a very unusual dream.  This is what happened in my dream...
I was knelt down on hard floor and I saw on my right there was a person in long white robe kneeling down and his head down to the floor.  I don't know who the person was.In front of me, about 5 feet away Jesus only showing above His neck line (I saw light purple bias) sat on light gray, purple, pinkish color of fog or cloud.  His face was rather thin, His lips tightly closed, and His eyes were focused on me but very penetrating.  He didn't say anything to me.  Even seeing Jesus, my mind didn't change (nothing dramatic). Then all of sudden I saw without turning my head that a giant size of hand reaching down toward my neck from little behind above and pushed my head to the floor.  I raised my head again.  Then the hand pushed me down again.  At this point, while my head was down to the floor there was little gap between my head and the floor.  I saw in front of my face 6 - 7 doves just hopping here and there.  They each had a bell on their neck (above).  I was amused by this.
While I was watching this, I felt a feather touching my hair and at the same heard the sound of a bell ringing once.  I raised my head and saw Jesus' face seemingly unhappy about something.  His face had a little frown as if He was unhappy with me about something.  What I saw immediately next is amazing to me.  Without any words, Jesus' neck and shoulder muscles were going deep down and up a few times.  (I can only explain that this happens to us when we raise two shoulders with up and down movements).  Well, I woke up next morning and remembered the dream.  Still, I was not very impressed about the dream because I'd never imagined or even expected that Jesus would appear in my dream.  But I was a little curious whether the dream means something.  So to test it, I carefully moved my right arm backward.  I was able to move half way with very little pain.  So I felt good about it and got busy and went to work.  I worked in D.C. at that time.  I was busy that morning and I had forgotten all about dream (didn't think about it anyway) then around 2 p.m., I was walking back to my cubicle and suddenly I realized that I was using my right arm up to that point without knowing it was healed.  I stood there in awe and said to myself, "My God, when did it happen? How come I was not aware of the pain or even thinking about the dream?"  I can't explain why I was not thinking about my right shoulder's pain or why I found out at 2 p.m.  Because of my nature, anything has to do God or miracles I always analyze such things from every possible angle then conclude whatever I think it's right.  It took me 3 days to conclude that it was Jesus whom I saw in my dream.  Because there were doves with bells on them, one of them went by my head touching my hair (it was so real!), the fog or cloud, a force pushed me to worship the Lord twice by a huge hand, Jesus' garment which was light purple, and the pain disappeared completely without me realizing.  Jesus knows me in and out so He made me not to focus on that pain or dream that morning until 2 p.m.  There was no way such pain could disappear within few hours, at least not to me anyway.  I still don't know what caused it, it was like my shoulder was hit by a hammer during the night.  Thank God for His love.  Glory to God in the highest!
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