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A couple years ago, a Protestant friend of mine mailed me three video tapes containing a Korean pastor's testimony on his trip to Heaven and Hell.  The pastor, who was anti-Catholic, only preached the Bible.  He was born poor, raised in an orphanage but was able to graduate with a Ph.D. from a famous university in Seoul.  He was very successful as a pastor and became very wealthy and able to even own two private high schools in Seoul.  While he was enjoying power and money and fame as an owner of a 5000 member  church, one day he just collapsed.

He was rushed to a hospital but the doctors could not treat him and later sent him to die at home.  He could not speak, eat, and lost awareness.  He was on I.V. all the time.  His family refused visitors because of his horrible
condition who was once a famous pastor.  He lost so much weight, he looked like a corpse.

One December night, his wife checked on him and saw he was dead.  They had prepared to bury him as fast as they could.  So his wife and their son discussed his funeral.  Then his wife went back to the room only to see that he was breathing again.  The period of two hours went by and that's when the pastor made trip to Heaven and Hell.

According to his testimony, two angels came to him and began taking off the pastor's cloth and said they had a mission from Jesus to take him to Heaven and Hell and come back to Earth to testify to people so more people can be saved.  The pastor resisted to go along with them but they ignored.  They put on him very thin white gown like made of silk.  They were moving upward so fast that it seemed to him every minute they were passing a star. The speed was so fast.  The pastor's last name was Park.  Park asked the angels where heaven was located. The angel said, "It's located, what you call on Earth, beyond the Milky Way."  One of the angels was his guardian angel and he was told that all children as soon as they were conceived in mother's womb have their own guardian angel.  Park's guardian angel never once spoke to him during the entire trip.  Park saw a multitude of people on another side going upward so he asked the angel who they were.  The angel (introduced himself as the Great Angel) said, "Those souls are saved by God and they will not go back to Earth but you are to go back and testify."
As soon as Park asked how far they still had to go, he saw in front of them a golden road spread all the way.  He saw at the end of the golden road the most brilliant, huge star.  He was told that it was Heaven.  He was told
that there are 12 gates in Heaven and they were to enter through the south gate.  Everything happened as he was thinking.  They arrived in front of the gate and the two angels began singing that was unknown to Park.  Park asked what was the song and was told that "In order to enter, you must sing the Heaven's song." Park was unhappy because he didn't know it and he told them that he knew over 600 hymns.  The great angel told him just follow them so he began singing.  As he was picking up the song, he realized they were inside the gate.  Then, Park heard a voice, most loving but stern.  The voice said, "Pastor Park, thank you coming."  As soon as he heard the voice,  he knew in his heart that it was Jesus.  Park knelt down and began crying.
Three times, Park asked Jesus to reveal Himself to him.  Jesus refused but said, "Do not wish to see God, do not wish to His assistant, do not wish to see Me.  But, when I call you next time, you come here and live with me."

Park was shown Heaven.  Park testified that everything he thought he knew about Heaven was not exactly the same as he thought it might be.  In Heaven, all the angels are very busy; they all look like they are in their early 30s, wore very silky gown almost transparent, everything communicated by spirit not by words.  They read your thoughts and you hear their thoughts.  He was shown various dwelling places in Heaven; some were more decorated with the most beautiful jewels and some are less.  What he saw in Heaven changed his entire belief system.  Park testified that St. Francis of Assisi was the most rewarded soul in Heaven and his dwelling place is beyond any words to describe, it's very tall and has most jewels on it.  Park said that the most expensive and most beautiful jewels on Earth are like sands if compared to jewels in Heaven.  There are three saints in Heaven according to Park; St. Francis of Assisi, Fr. Damien (who died in Hawaii), and one more priest who died in India (I could not make out his words due to his twisted tongue after the illness).  And the rest are also recognized and they are; Pastor Moody (who established YMCA?), Wesley (an English pastor?) and some others.

Park was able to see his future dwelling place in Heaven, but as soon as he saw it he was displeased, but he heard Jesus' voice, "You should be grateful!".  It was only three story high but was not finished.  Park asked why it was not finished, the angel said, "You are not dead; whatever you do good on Earth we add to this dwelling place as soon as it reaches Heaven."
When Park entered the room, he saw every good thing he ever done on Earth up to that point but many were not recorded. Park protested, "What about when I gave out 40 apartments to my church member.  What about when I setup the scholarship fund to help kids? Why they are not recorded?"  The angel said, "You already received the reward on Earth for that."  (Park received many awards from Government for his charitable works).  To Park's surprise, the most point recorded in large letters was when he helped a beggar when he was still living in an orphanage.  It was Christmas Eve and he was on his way to a church, a long distance away.  On the way, he came upon a beggar who was hungry and cold.  Park didn't own anything, even his jacket belonged to the
orphanage but without hesitation he gave the jacket and also bought hot bread for the beggar.

What he saw in Hell is beyond what is written in the Bible.  There are a lot more sufferings and different types of sufferings in Hell.  Park only believed there was fire in Hell but according to his testimony, we have to go through the same pain we caused to others if we ended up in Hell.  Park, with his educated mind, asked the angel without spelling out names. Park using his fingers asked the angel if the North Korean leader dies, where he will end up and the leader from South Korea dies where will he end up?  Park used his thumb (this means top person).  The angel answered, "I don't know.  If they repent before they die, they won't come here (Hell)."

Park came back to Earth (alive) and doing two things as told by Jesus; giving testimony on Heaven and Hell and
building a nursing home for elderly retired pastors or priests. Park traveled all over the world where Korean churches are located to give testimonies.  He and his family went to Italy to visit Assisi.  He asked village people to find the place where St. Francis used walk up in bare feet to pray.  As soon as he and his family found the site, Park knelt down on the spot where St. Francis used to pray and wept.  His family began singing, "How Great Thou Art," and the rest of the pilgrims sang in their own languages.

Park gave away two high schools, worth $50 million(US) and gave up most his wealth and moved in to a small apartment after having a meeting with his family members.  He said that his wealth will be an obstacle to entering Heaven.  He said that his speech condition is not clear due to his tongue is somewhat twisted.  Park said, "As soon as I became famous, powerful, and wealthy, I stopped praying in the morning, and I become very arrogant so God punished my arrogance by twisting my tongue."

Park had a plan to write about the life of St. Francis of Assisi but I don't know his whereabouts now.  I tried to find out his addresses but failed.
So, I know after viewing his testimonies over and over that he was telling the truth.  He didn't gain anything but gave up all his fortune.  He quit from his church, a Presbyterian.
Angels are real and Heaven and Hell are real.
To me the most important thing is, after hearing his testimony, is repenting my sins as often as I can.  By the way, Park was not to reveal the names he saw in Hell because the living families on Earth will be sad.  But, he saw
one he had thought would be in Heaven but ended up in Hell.  Park was told by the angel that the soul who was a famous preacher and well respected, was not true to people.  He used the church money for his own indulgence and he preached without believing in God himself.  He was in total darkness that Park described the darkness in Hell has no words to describe in this world.  The tortures they have to endure in Hell are endless; they can't even die.  He also saw Stalin and Hitler as well in Hell. The sufferings are everlasting sufferings.  Guardian angel's duty is to take his appointed soul to Heaven when the person dies on Earth, but God granted free will to choose God or Evil.
I am a Catholic and his testimony on Hell especially confirmed what the Catholic church teaches.

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