My Toe
In the spring of year 2000, one evening as I was praying I asked Jesus to straighten my toe which was bent for as long as I remember.  Because the toe was bent, the blood circulation was poor.  Well, I didn't know how Jesus
was going to grant my prayer and when, or I didn't even know He heard me.  Well, the next day which was Thursday, as usual going to work as a routine, everything changed.  I arrived in D.C., and entered the building and got into an elevator to go up to 7th floor where my office was located.  There were about 6-7 people got in the elevator and many were carrying umbrellas because it was raining.  I was pushed back until the room was full. As it was moving up, a man in front of me put his briefcase on the handrail while he was folding his umbrella, but in a split moment it slid (it was wet on the bottom with metal corners and on a metal handrail caused to slide) then it fell on to my right foot.  I screamed in pain and by the time it reached the 6th floor I was holding my foot but told him I was o.k. (I was raised to not to show my pain.  I know it sounds strange to you).  He said he was sorry and left in a hurry.  I could not concentrate on work because of the pain.  So, I went down to see a company nurse who was located on the basement level.  But no one was there so I had to go back at 11 A.M. The nurse, after seeing the injury, asked me to see a doctor.  I had forgotten about my prayer all that time because of so much pain.  After an X-ray, a female doctor told me that there was a fracture on the toe.  I was in deep fear for two weeks, uncomfortable to sleep or work.  A month went by and I was able to put on regular sneakers but carefully.  Due to job related injury (I was inside the building), many unpleasant issues that I had to deal with.  Out of fear, I had to go see another doctor and paid out of my pocket.  He showed me the X-ray and he looked puzzled.  The fracture was very strange; a surgeon could not even break the bone like that.  Anyway, the toe was no longer bent.  I laugh about my prayer and see how Jesus granted my prayer.  The metal part on the briefcase hit my toe, the toe I had asked Jesus to heal.  I had forgotten to ask Him to heal the toe without pain.  I am more careful on how I ask and what I ask to Jesus from that point on.

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