From Head to Heart
By: Anonymous

My story is truly a miracle. Years ago, I was a heavy drinker, drug user, and all round party person. I spent my time with the wrong people in the wrong places. And something was about to give. I came down with an irregular heartbeat. At the time, I cursed GOD, as I couldn't understand why this would happen to me. However, because of this incident, I slowed my drinking right down, gave up drugs, and started looking for life answers. I weeded out all my bad friends, and started to attract loving and honest people.

I remember sitting alone in my room one night, and wondering why this all happened. Why did I go to hospital, why had my life taken such a turn? And then a voice said to me, "How else would you have changed?" And it occurred to me that all these things had been done out of love. And they ultimately led me to Jesus. I now have a strong faith, and believe that all things happen for a reason. I used to say this from my head, however, now I know this in my heart.

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