Miracle Baby
By: rrdm782003@yahoo.com

My name is Rina I have been through alot with my miracle baby Ariana Destiny. I can't belive it will be 6 months on the 14th of this month that Ariana has been home with me. She will be one years old on the 24th of this month. My daughter is a true miracle she had stay in the hospitial for 171 days. The journey of Ariana has been a long battle but I can say today she is doing excellent. The dr's and physical thearpist can belive that she was so sick. Last year on Jan 7th my life changed I was admitted the ER my pressure was 189/112 . Prior to me going to the ER I suffered with a short cervix at 22 weeks never heard of this before. So I was montiored very closely by the high risk specialist. It was a trying time. When I was admitted I was 27 weeks the dr's was trying to get me up to 32 weeks. While in the hospitial I recieved a Staph infection and they discovered that I was developing preclampsia my protein levels was very high. At 29 weeks my body was shutting down my pressure had gone up to 220/112. They rush me to ICU and put me on magniese after they realized my pressure was not stablizing and they were losing me and the baby they did a c-section and Ariana was born at 29 weeks and 5 days. I remember her crying but that all. After having her my pressure was still high. The Third day of Ariana life I recieved a call for the NICU while I was still in the hospitial that Ariana coded it took 6 hours to bring her back. So they wheeled me down and I saw Ariana for the first time I was in shocked she was peanut she had all these tubes and she was on three machines for her breathing. She weighed only 938 grams 2lbs and 1oz. The dr's kept telling me that she has bad lungs and her lungs were more of 25 weeker instead of a 29 weeker. I continue to recieved bad news at 3 weeks they approached me and told me that she would need to have her PDA close. The medicine they give her did not work. This was a promblem because they did not do the surgery there at this hospitial that they would have to transfer her to a hospitial in the City. No hospitial wanted to take her because of the machines she was on. Eventually a hosptial agree to take and warn me she may die on the way. Ariana made it the surgery was suppose to take 3 days because she was so sick she stay at this hospitial for one month until she got stronger. They eventually did the surgery and she was transfer back to hospitial. When she got back to the hosptial she still on the vent so the next step was try to get her off the vent. So they gave her steriods and they worked but after a while Ariana was working to hard so she went back on the vent. She went on the vent and off the vent to CPAP to Comfort flow and nasal cannula to back to vent. I used cry all the time and asked God why me? What did I ever do wrong to deserve this? My husband and I went through so much I never throught that she was coming home. Time and time again I would recieved calls from the hospitial that Ariana had seziures and she might have NEC. I couldn't go any where I was so afraid. They told me that Ariana had the worst lungs a 29 weeker can have. My daughter die three times and came back. IT was until I had faith that my daughter was coming home and that she will be healthy. I couldn't believe what the dr's was telling me because when she got sick they did every test and they couldn't find out what was wrong with her this is when she died in front of my face and the dr's was running over to her and I grab her cold lifeless body and said" Ariana Destiny you will live and not die" Something hot came over me and they told me to leave the room and go to the family while they tried to stablize her at this time she was three machine one that was giving her 450 breathes. I continue to pray and ask God to save her. When I went back in the room they took two machines off her and next day they she pull out her vent. Because she always retain her carbon dixode there were concerns that she probably have prombems with her eyes and her hearing and delays in development. They also wanted to trach her and give her a G-tube I refuse. She was on 17 medications and today she is not on any. She came home oxygen in July got off oxygen in Sept. Her lung used to be hazy today they are clear the lung dr's could not believe her exrays how good they look. She talking saying da da and ma ma. She standing and moving backwards in her walker. She prove the medical field wrong all the things they said she may have she dose not. She is a true miracle baby. Always remember to go with your gut dr's are human too they don't not know everything. If any one ever need so support you can email me at rrdm782003@yahoo.com

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