A Prophetic Life
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It's been 2 years that I have truly believed now. Since 2008. My friend, who I consider a brother now - Showed me the way to God. We were friends originally, but never close until everyone went separate ways in school. Friends went to college and others went to 6th form. I was in 6th form, originally I was supposed to go to College, but my friend kept praying for me to stay... for some reason, he didn't truly know why... but I did turn from God to spiritualism because I wanted to live in an ideal world, until thankfully my friend brought me back, ever since he prayed for that.

Throughout our lives in school and present, we have experienced many miraculous events. Most of our prayers, small and large have come true... if they didn't - then we understand that it wasn't part of God's plan and it wouldn't do us any good. So everytime that happened, we told God we would put it into his hands.

As complicated the Story goes, as we tend to realize what God has done a little after he actually done it. Let me highlight that ever since I became a Christian, my life has became better... I used to bully my little brother when I was younger but now I am a total empath and I respect whatever he does and I today, teach him the ways of God.

The difference between myself and my friend. We are different. He has the ability to control his mindset, conquer pain and detach his emotion. He believes God's plan for him is to venture the world and help the unfortunate who have no heard of the gospel. His objective is to save millions.

Myself is more local, I believe I need to save loved ones. Which I do my best to do, I struggle with it... but with faith in God... it will work.

Prophecies started to occur strangely at the end of 2009. It was odd, I had always had the feeling that 2010 was going to be half-half. I even posted on Facebook that "I have a feeling that the start of 2010 will be stressful, but it'll be rewarding in the second half" and to my amazement... it was and I'm not talking about an approximate prophetic event... it was precise... scarily precise... how everything I had ever wanted started coming together.

In February, I met this girl. She was going out to what he claimed to be a 'satanist' - now even before I knew that, I didn't talk to girls much, I didn't randomly talk to people to added me. But this girl, for some reason, I did. And even more scarily that I met her at my old primary school where I volunteered where she was visiting her sister. When I first saw her, I had a strange vibe but nothing to realize at that time. But as time went on, through march, april, may and june... I started to like her... a lot, for some reason I felt God had told me "This girl is in need of desperate help. She needs influence from a loved one... and only you can show her the path" - if God spoke to me in person, it would of been in that context.

Anyway, she was suffering abuse from her current boyfriend at the time... I prayed EVERY NIGHT for her. I have prayed EVERY night since the start of 2008. But I prayed to her, I asked God if she will come to me and let me show her the light... but at the same time I felt opposition that I was only using that for my benefit to go out with her... but obviously not because I knew if I did, I will have to take on many difficult challenges which I have.

Remember, I said about the half year feeling. Well, on June 16th, more or less DEAD ON half a year... I finished my last A-level exam. Stress was over. June 17th, I got with the girl I liked, I am still with her now and deeply in-love with her and she is now a Christian. Unfortunately, she had demons following her and believe this or not, demons were speaking through her for 2 days... randomly, she twitched... I presumed because she attended 'satanic rituals' with Ouija Boards and that night, she slept next to me... my head was near her head and to my amazement... I wasn't scared but I heard the demons SCREAMING at me... just screaming jibberish... I fell asleep and morning came she was twitching. I phoned my friend (the one I mentioned at the start) and asked him for advice, he was amazed to what he was hearing that demons were speaking through her. He told me to put my hand of her head and say "In the name of Jesus Christ, I summon you out, demons." - I did it... a few times... eventually it worked, she became from a person who hated many people to a person who forgived, she admitted she felt a lot better after wards and ever since then... things have been fine.

It has been a strange year... but I hope my story has helped some people. This is no word of a lie. These are great experiences and I hope many people do realize that God was within us, doing what's right for us and in the end, I will see you all up there my friends!

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