A Real Miracle - Mom
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Two years back, my mom got really sick and was in severe depression but with her constant faith in our Lord she would go to church everyday to pray. Even on days she could not manage she would go.I would often wonder how she did it. I did not fully understand what depression was.I did not think it was that serious.On some days, after she came home from work, she would just go to sleep.But we would pray everyday and say the holy rosary and go to church and pray.She had also gone to the doctor and her medication bills were very expensive..she had to take a lot of medicines an sometimes they would cause negative effects.But soon enough after a year my mother was healthy and she was no longer depressive,the doctor said that she was ok now.We praise and thank the lord for delivering her from depression.Our Lord works and cares for us and his miraculous ways are to be truly praised.


By The Grace of God

It was the day of my computer practical examinations and i was very stressed out, normally Iam usually calm but today i was very nervous and very stressed out.We were having an external examiner to come and evaluate us and i was very nervous .It was also my first time. We had to study a total of 20 practicals from which we had to execute 1 on the computer and in these practicals if I would miss putting so much as a comma or a colon the entire program would not execute.
I was so nervous that i could not even get a good nights sleep.The next day i had to appear and i was very scared.i entered the examination hall and sat infront of my computer not even remembering 1 of the practicals clearly but there was this 1 which i had memorised very well as we had done it last year also but getting that one out of 20 was like 'one in a million'.Taking a deep breath i sat down and then the question sheets were put infront of us by the external examiner with shaky hands I lifted my sheet as it was put face down and to my surprise it was the one which we had done last year .I was so shocked and happy I wanted to scream . I thanked Jesus as i began to fill my sheet.After the oral test had also gotten over i went to church to pray in the prayer room for that small miracle God had provided me.THANKYOU FATHER FOR BEING THERE.IT WAS NOTHING BUT THE GRACE OF GOD.

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