God's Perfect Peace
By: pruittjanice@att.net

In July of 1992 my family and I went to the lake for a relaxing afternoon of picnicking and swimming.
My middle son had been sitting on shore and decided to come in the water just as I walked out of the water. He had only been in for a short while, when my oldest son said, Where is Jason?  We looked  for him and I found him under the water. He had a seizure and took in so much water so quickly that he drowned as soon as he went under.
For the next few weeks I could not sleep, because all I could see every time my eyes closed was him under the water. Then one night I had a dream that someone knocked on the door and I answered it. It was Jason. When he came into the house he gave me a big hug and said Mom I am fine. I love you.  After that dream I never saw him under the water any more and I could sleep. That dream gave me such peace. I know it was from God.


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