An Answer to a Prayer
I was working late one night by myself and decided to ask God two questions.  One question was,
Did I need to be concerned about my financial situation? Should I marry the guy that wanted to get married? I felt he wanted to get married just so I could get him out of his financial difficulties due to a prior divorce. (I said these questions in my head).
I had to go to traffic school the next morning, which I had already scheduled weeks ahead of time.
I was tired when I arrived at traffic school because I had worked late the night before, and forgot about the prayer from the night before. I sat in the back of the class and drank almost an entire pot of coffee during the 8 hour Saturday class. The instructor was doing the general routine of playing a film, and had each person come up during this time to give them the paperwork to fill out so the ticket wouldn't appear on their driving record.  He stated that he wanted to talk to me after class; I was too tired to think of talking to him since I was so tired. I asked him what it was about and he said he couldn't say anything until after class. I started walking by the instructor after eveyone else hurried out of class.  He stated as I was walking by him that he had a message for me.  I asked him what message?  He stated that he had two verses from the Bible for me: Matthew Ch. 6,25-31 and Psalm 62.
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