The Mighty Hand of God
By: Anonymous

My father has an above ground swimming pool which is 4 feet deep, all the way around. When I was in grade four I was swimming with my friend- like we did every weekend in the summer I was a good swimmer and so was she. I decided to dive in head first, which is a no no in a 4 foot deep pool. I was about 4 feet tall myself. So I dove right straight down quick as anything when all of a sudden my body stopped moving - out of no where, so I looked above my head, which was the bottom of the pool I reached my hands out above my head and then the force released me. When I came up out of the water I asked my friend, "did you see that", she said "ya" and we went on swimming like nothing happened.  Except I knew it that if God didnt stop me from hitting the bottom of the pool, Id probably be paralyzed- or very badly injured. Ill never forget the feeling of being stopped in mid movement and then released as soon as God felt it was safe to.

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