Logan's Horse
By: polarized.nations@gmail.com

Note: My grandfather is a vet, and so are my parents. The following occurs on a ride home in the car.
The cellphone rings... "Hey Bill, Logan's horse is laying down"
"Aw don't worry about it she'll get up"
About twenty minutes pass by...
"Bill she got up but now is laying down again"
"Alright I'm on my way home."
"What's going on" I ask
"Ohh just your sisters horse is laying down"
"Do you think its colic?"
"What's colic?" my uncle asks (we had just picked him up from the airport)
"Well colic is pretty serious, it is basically when a horse gets a bad stomach ache"
"Well dad, what's so bad about that"
"The stomach ache is bad because there is a lot of stomach to ache, but my main concern is if she begins to roll, then she could twist her gut"
When we arrived home that evening things had gotten a bit worse, the horse was sullen and did not look herself. My dad gave it some bantamene, which is a painkiller for horses. After a little while she began to perk up, but we all were still a bit cautious.
The next day, my sister went out to ride the horse, because it seemed to be doing better, but we kept an eye on it. Later that evening my dad, my sister, and I were playing basketball, when for some reason they went to check on the horse. Calling it to the fence, Shelby (the horse) came, sullen as before and head drooping. We all watched her for a while and eventually my dad reassuring us all he, and I went inside the house. About five minutes later Logan comes in weeping, saying, "Dad, she did that sawhorse (This is when the horse spreads its legs) thing"
"Bill, should we move the horse to the barn?"
"No, she should be fine, I will go out and check on her"
" Should we check her poop, to make sure she is not dehydrated ( which is a big problem)"
"Ok then, let's move her to the barn"
After Logan and my dad moved the horse to the barn, my grandfather came up to check on the horse. He suggested that we move the horse to the clinic so that we can keep a better eye on her. The last I saw of the horse that day was it pooping wet poop, in my mind, everything was going to be fine.
That night was one of the worst nights.
When my grandfather, Logan, and my dad reached the office, the horses poop was becoming dry, and she was looking even worse. My mom told me that if the horse died, Logan would have to stop riding. Riding is expensive and it would not be possible for us to buy an entirely new horse from scratch (meaning no money from selling the previous one). Logan's love for riding, and love for that horse are indescribable. She might of actually loved it more than she loved me. The thought of her losing this brought me to tears before God, I cried and begged him to heal the horse. My family, excluding me stayed up watching the horse all that night. The next day, which was Thanksgiving brought even more troubles. My mother came home and said that colic (which now was happening) was a quick illness, the horse died quickly or healed quickly, and the horses that had it for three days rarely made it. I prayed to my Father in heaven, and asked him again to be with the horse and Logan. Despite the odds, God healed the horse, and today she and Logan share their happiness together everyday. I write this so that those reading it know that God really does work miracles, I sometimes don't give him the credit, but He works through those around you. Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes God calms His child. That Thanksgiving God did both. Thank you so much.

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