Our Miracle Baby
By: pmghoi.waweru@gmail.com

Hi, am from Kenya.
My husband and I had been married for about 1.5 years when we decided to start a family.
One year passed and still we had not conceived.  We started getting anxious and worried. we went to the doctors and did all the tests which came back clean - nothing was wrong with either of us and we had a case of "unexplained infertility".  We are both Christians and so we continued to pray and seek God's intervention.
For almost five years we bad days where we felt so discouraged, perplexed and helpless and there were good days where God assured us that we were going to have a child...HOW! people came to us telling us that they had a dream about our children. A year before we conceived - YES WE DID! - my husband had a dream from God that I was I was expectant. I too had a dream that God was going to bless us with a child.  When it finally happened we were so happy and indeed we serve a God who promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God is our Healer. Our beautiful daughter is now 17months and such a joy and blessing to us. Blessed is the name of Jesus Christ.


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