Christine's Angel

My daughter Christine was born on June 26, 1991 and when she arrived it was the proudest day of my life.  I simply adored my daughter.  She was such a beautiful baby.  As a matter of fact, she was chosen as the National Beauty Queen as a 1 year old with Miss America as one of the judges.  She always made me very proud.

One evening I was sitting in my recliner at home watching T.V.  In the past I had told my wife many, many times not to put her candles in places that were within Christine's reach.  Christine just loved to touch everything.  If she could touch it, she would grab it and try to take it or put it in her mouth.  Alot of very young children display this kind of curious behavior.  My wife had always put her candles on our console television time after time.  Almost everyday I would say Tammy, please don't put this candle on the T.V. where Christine can reach it.  One day she is going to burn herself, O.K.  Well that night was coming sooner than I thought.  These were the big candles.  They were not tall, but they were very big around and held alot of wax.  As I was watching T.V. Christine got in front of the screen with her back to me and I said, "move honey daddy can't see the T.V.  She just stood there and was reaching for something.  I did not know that Tammy had put a candle there again and it had been lit all night long.  Christine grabbed the candle and tipped it over on top of her.  She was only wearing a diaper and all of the candle wax spilled over her entire body.  She let out a scream that I will never forget.  The next part of the story is simply amazing and it went extremely fast.

I immediately got up from my chair and was in a full sprint to the T.V.  I picked up Christine with one arm as I was still dashing toward the kitchen.  I had her in my arm and was carrying her like a football.  Tammy had heard the scream and was coming to see what had happened.  She really was going to try to stop me and see, but I would have none of it.  I knew what to do!  Don't ask me how, but I knew exactly what to do for her.  I stiff armed my wife out of the way and said, "move", as I was headed to the bathroom through the kitchen that I was using as a shortcut.  When I arrived at the bathroom I reached out and opened the doors to the shower/ bathtub and turned on the water, while at the same time lowering Christine down to put her under the spout.  Here is the UNBELIEVABLE part.  As soon as ONE drop of water hit her skin, ALL of the wax dropped off of her body.  All of it.  There was not even one drop of wax still left on her skin.  It was all in the bathtub.

I have told this story to alot of people since then.  These include doctors and nurses.  They have told me that Christine should have had 3rd degree burns on all of the skin that the wax touched.  She wasn't even red.  This was a miracle.  Christine has a guardian Angel for sure.  Thank You Father for your miracle that saved my daughter.

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