The Lord Healed Me
By: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with a spine infection that was climbing from my lowest vertebrae upright quickly.  None of my doctors had any suggestions or procedures to cure or even minimize the adverse effect of the infection.  Surgery was simply not an option to anyone in my immediate health field and the results looked inevitably bleak.  I wouldn't accept their diagnosis of basically waiting to die.  I forced my nurses and doctors to continue seeking other options despite skeptical attitudes and rejections.  After many months of searching a doctor in Boston finally agreed to see me, pretty much as a last resort.  A sore developed deeply and I saw a specialist for this condition.  The doctor couldn't do anything muscular by means of repair because the damage would only worsen.  I heard the news and was prepared to go home and finish my life waiting to die.  I asked the Boston doctor "couldn't any of these bones be removed?"  He was very doubtful but agreed to have me consult with a spine specialist.  We prepared to make a follow-up appointment but this was hundreds of miles from my home.  Miraculously the bone doctor happened to be on the first floor of the same facility that day, even though his office and appointments were generally located elsewhere.  I couldn't believe it, but the spine specialist agreed to see me on the spot and postpone his original intentions.  My x-rays were prepared for the spine specialist's review and I once again prepared for the worse.  He arrived within 10 minutes and examined the x-rays.  "I will give this a shot" he stated in reference to removing my damaged vertebrates, but it still looked like a long shot.  He didn't offer me much encouragement, but I figured there was nothing to lose at this point.  I was given a surgical date within the next couple weeks for him to personally explore the damaged area.  I have quite a hard time with anesthesia and was petrified with that almost equally with the surgery.  I arrived for the surgery but they had great difficulty finding a vein to administer the anesthesia and it was holding up the surgery.  I was a wreck so I started praying.  Almost immediately a vein was found in my toe of all places and the procedure was soon to follow.
They positioned me onto the operating table and I prayed the following: "dear Lord please make this operation a success, even better let the doctor be amazed that the x-rays were wrong and the damage is minimal, in the name of Jesus amen."  They were ready to put me to sleep and I try to relax.  The next thing I knew I was awakening with no difficulty or effects from the anesthesia.  I was thrilled with this as they prepared to take me to the recovery room.  I was actually laughing as I told a nurse "recovery room I don't need that."  She was shocked and said I could go to a hospital room if I wanted, but that the doctor needed to see me first.  I could sense that very little time had passed even though this was supposed to be a six-hour surgery.  My doctor couldn't be located and it turned out he was looking for my wife, who had left the facility expecting a much longer surgery.  The doctor was paged and he came to my side a short time later.  He said "my name (anonymous) I really don't know what to tell you."  I prepared for the inevitably bad news as he continued. "I cannot find the problem that was on the x-ray and frankly I am amazed."  I couldn't believe my ears as he continued: "I barely perform the slightest of Debreeding to the base of your spine but you will be just fine!"  He was smiling ear to ear and I did likewise.  I started thanking him and he was humbled almost to the point of apology for worrying me.  I laughed this off and immediately recalled my prayer.  I thanked the Lord repeatedly after the doctor finish speaking.  This was my first real miracles, but many more confirmations have followed.  God works through many different means, but he loves us all if we are only willing to accept him.  I pray that anyone reading this will never give up until they reach their final destiny with God-and the name of Jesus amen!  God bless & thanks for reading,

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