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 I had accepted the Lord as my savior from previous confirmations, but He didn't seem to be with me for quite some time.  I was getting frustrated, almost to the point of listening to the skeptics around me who don't believe in God.  I hadn't even been to church for several months and I was actually doubting His existence.  I was preparing for bedtime as always and decided to throw out a little prayer explaining my lost feeling to God.  I prayed, "Please Lord, come to me more regularly, even if its in tonight's dream, amen".  I had been struggling to sleep as well but immediately slipped into a peaceful rest.  It seemed like the whole night was over in the matter of minutes (which isn't anything unusual).  Then I started waking to the point of alert consciousness although still finishing a passing dream.  I was aware of everything around me so I know what was not still sleeping.  Perhaps I was in the rapid eye movement stage as explained by people, but this was a first.  My aunt was in bad health in reality and she is quite wealthy.  I started thinking/dreaming consciously about her.  All of a sudden, I could see myself in a restaurant with my aunt and she insisted on me helping with her will which I was uncomfortable with.  I explained that she needed to write down what she wanted for her daughters, charities and other loved ones.  She didn't trust anybody except me which was okay to a point.  I could have opened my eyes at any moment and focus on the rising sun but chose not to.  I convinced my aunt to write a long will (seemingly took forever) and she insisted on me reading the will.  I would not comply feeling I would invade her privacy and secretly see what she had done for me.  Finally, my aunt asked, "What should I give you?"  I declined an obvious opportunity to take advantage of the situation because her mind was slipping terribly (in reality as well).  My aunt refused to put the will in an envelope and call her family to receive it.  She kept insisting, "Take this will and make sure it is right."  I wasn't comfortable doing so and completely refused.  She finally got very angry with me and said, "Just look for a moment."  None of this made any sense until I finally said,  "OK, just briefly to make sure everything is properly done".  She smiled at me and I closed my eyes tighter to focus on the occurrence.  She handed me the paper and I anticipated a long drawn out document that she seem to endlessly be writing.  I took the folded letter and opened it.  Immediately in the boldest, brightest letters that I have ever encountered, the word "JESUS" jumped off the paper at me.  I have never seen such brightness and I was actually shocked.  When I finally settled down my heartbeat, with my eyes wide opened, I thanked the Lord for coming back into my life and especially for giving the confirmation exactly how I had asked!  I've had many other confirmations, some too personal to mention, but trust me, Jesus is the savior of the world and He loves you as a person more than you will ever know!!  God bless you

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