A Healing Miracle
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On Sunday morning May 30, 2004 at three o’clock, the shrill ringing of the telephone awakened a grandmother from a deep sleep. The voice on the line asked. “Do you know a young man by the name of Eric Webb?” Cold chills over took the grandmother. She immediately sensed that something was very wrong. In a shaky voice she replied, “Yes, he is my grandson, has something happened?”   He has been in a very bad accident and you need to go to the local hospital immediately.” No more information was given...

She quickly began to dress while praying that her grandson would not be hurt too severely. Eric’s grandfather had heard the phone conversation and was up and preparing to leave for the hospital as well. In a very short time, they were on their way.
Within less than a mile from their home, they saw the ambulance and police car lights flashing in the darkness. A policeman on the scene directed them to detour around the accident and provided them with some information. There was just Eric’s vehicle involved and no one else was hurt.  He also said their grandson was at the hospital and a helicopter had been called to air lift him to a larger hospital in Missouri. due to the extent of his injuries.

Upon arriving at the local hospital, they were met by a nurse who escorted them to a small waiting room. She said, “The helicopter is here and the doctor is preparing him for transport, then he will be in to talk with you.” The grandmother called some friends and they arrived at the hospital soon thereafter.  They waited with the grandparents in silence but joined them in prayer that God would spare their grandson’s life. They had lost his mother (their daughter) in 1997. Within minutes, the door opened and the doctor entered. He introduced himself and with a handshake began telling them the sad and horrifying extent of Eric’s critical injuries.

“We don’t hold out much hope that he will live” was the statement that rang in the ears of the grandparents for several hours. The doctor continued with his explanation in a very concerned voice. Your grandson has multiple broken bones, his brain is bleeding, both lungs have collapsed, and his face is severely damaged. If by some miracle he survives he will need a complete reconstruction of his face. He is on his way to St. John’s hospital in Springfield. Missouri. He said there is one slight ray of hope; he was fighting us when he was brought in. He is sedated now and on life support for the trip in the helicopter.  

As this was a Sunday Morning, there would be many Prayers going upward for Eric.
 The friends said they would call everyone to request Prayer at their respective Churches. They would also contact their Pastor and would have a special Prayer for him during the morning service.

 The grandparents went home and quickly packed an overnight bag, called some out of state relatives to give them the bad news and asked for Prayer. Also a prayer Request was sent on the internet to a world wide Prayer group.

Then they were on their way to the hospital where Eric had been flown. By this time, the sun was rising in the Eastern Sky and a beautiful Lord’s Day was beginning. As they traveled the seventy miles from Harrison, Arkansas the grandparents were in constant prayer and asked for strength to face the days ahead. They both knew that it would be a miracle for Eric to recover but they also knew that “All things are possible through Christ who gives us strength.”
Upon arriving at the hospital, they went quickly to the Trauma Emergency Room and were told by the receptionist that Eric was in the Trauma ICU. Instructions were to go there and inquires could be made via the telephone beside the door of the ICU.
The grandmother picked up the phone and a nurse asked, “May I help you?  “I am Eric Webb’s grandmother and we have just arrived.” She was very kind and  with concern in her voice said, “We have just gotten him from the ER and I am in the process of cleaning him up a bit; just have a seat in the waiting room and I will talk with you shortly.”
The grandparents continued in silent prayer until the nurse came in. She dropped down on her knees in front of them and confirmed what the local doctor had said earlier. When asked what the prognosis was at this time, she explained; “He is in serious condition but he should live and as to what extent of damage, we’ll have to wait and see.” She then asked if we wanted to see him for a few minutes. He was in an induced coma and continued to be on life support.

The grandmother was somewhat prepared as her sister was in a similar condition from brain surgery in December. As they entered the ICU, Eric was  motionless and of course all the tubes (One in each side draining fluid from his lungs, one in his head to drain blood from his brain and all the other tubes,  wires, etc required for the machines that were connected to him).  His face was not disfigured as much as they were prepared for. He had a broken nose, stitches in his right eye lid and several small cuts and bruises on his face. Eric’s grandfather was overcome and began to weep silently as the grandmother prayed over him asking for a healing miracle and for the  flow of blood from his brain to stop.  They were only allowed to stay for a very few minutes and was told the time of the next visiting hours.
There was tornado warnings in the area within an hour or so following the visit and all visitors were asked to take refugee in the basement of the hospital. While there the friends that were with the grandparents in the early morning hours arrived and were asked to join them in the hospital basement. They were welcomed and supportive in giving a report of the abundance of prayers in all the local churches for Eric.

The storm passed by without spawning a tornado and all hospital visitors were allowed to return to the patient rooms or to the waiting room. Before the next visiting time (Every four hours) the Pastor and his wife were there and several of Eric’s friends.

 The grandparents gave up some of their time with Eric so that all who wanted could see him and say a prayer for him. There were many Prayers for healing said for him that day..         
Hospitality rooms were provided for a minimal fee. Through the help of Eric’s nurse the grandparents made reservations for the coming nights as they wanted to be near their grandson.
After the last visit with Eric that night they retired to their room. They were still much in prayer but had a more positive feeling that their grandson would make it. They had a fairly good night and were up early the next morning. They had time to get something to eat before the first visiting time of the day. 
The next two days were pretty much the same with little or no change in Eric. Lots of friends and relatives came to visit and Prayers were continually said on his behalf.  The last visit on Tuesday night, Eric was awake and could answer some questions. He was coming out of the induced coma and his color was improving. The grandparents visited the length of the time allowed before going to the room for the night. At approximately 11:00 P M, the telephone rang. The grandmother answered and a male voice said I am from the ICU, there is “Nothing wrong.” Eric doesn’t remember you being in to see him tonight. He would like to see you now. 
They wasted no time in getting dressed and down to ICU. The life support had been removed and he was breathing on his own.  The nurse stated, “He is doing well and is responding. The tubes that I didn’t remove, he did.  The grandparents spent about thirty minutes with him and when he complained of pain, he was given medication to make him comfortable. When he was relaxed and going to sleep, they slipped out and went to the room for a peaceful and thankful night.
Eric continued to  improve and was taken from ICU to a regular room on Wednesday. He still had the draining tubes in his lungs and the one in his head but the fluid was slowing down as well as the blood from his brain. In the meantime, a plastic surgeon was planning to set his broken nose as it was somewhat crushed and needed to be straightened. The cuts and bruises on his face were healing rapidly. There was a noticeable healing power taking place within Eric’s broken body. He had broken ribs and both collar bones were broken with one shoulder dislocated. 
Within the following two days all the tubes were removed and he was able to be sitting up in a chair. The surgery on his nose was completed without incident except he had a reaction to the anesthesia and was disoriented for most of the night following the surgery.
The next day he was able to be up in a wheel chair and be moving around in the hospital, even had a short stay outside in the sunshine. 
Eric was well enough to come home exactly one week and a day from the date of his accident. The doctors were not sure just how long it would be until all the broken bones were healed but they seemed certain he would never have full use of his right arm due to the shoulder injury.  The grandparents never lost faith and continued to pray for complete healing.  
The follow-up visit to the doctors was remarkable with everything showing much improvement and healing better than expected. There was no time frame given as to when he would return to work, but within six weeks Eric had gone back to work. There are no noticeable scares on his face. No one would ever know his nose was broken. The doctors may not admit a Miracle but the grandparents and Eric know better. His team of doctors was wonderful but divine intervention was the ingredient that Made Eric whole again. Eric’s family will always believe a Miracle is why he is alive today. 
Eric is now a handsome young man with no ill effects from this terrible accident.

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