God Prepared Me
By: pearlmaart@intekom.co.za

As an only child I was very attached to my mom.

One night I dreamt of how someone died in a red vehicle. Very frantic I told my mom and she said pray about and ask God to take it away. I told her that it was a large lady who died but I couldnt see the face.

I went to my aunt who is a large lady to make peace and she tells me she had a similar dream.

On the Monday i called my mom to tell her I got a scholarship and she kept calling me to ask more questions. When the 3rd call came it was her collegue telling me mom's getting a stroke.

Remembering my dream I asked my aunt to go to my mom till I get there.

My mom arrived at hospital in a red ambulance and i knew what was still to come.

It was God preparing me.

We were told to say our good byes. Mommy's organs stopped functioning and she was brain dead.

The priest did the last rights ceremony with all friends and family there even all nurses joined us.

As the priest said: Rosetti may the Lord always shine face upon you' my mom clutched my hand. And at that time of night there was a ray of sunlight that shone on her. I just held her till she passed in my arms.

Then I also realized that Mommy died on the birthday of her sister who came to help her.

God knew how much i love my mom and how close we were and although he was not going to spare her he made her passing easier by preparing me.

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