A Miracle Story
By: passofchrist@sbcglobal.net

Hello, My Name is Mona.
I am a 44 yr old mother of four and grandmother of three.
I am a Christian woman and have experienced many miracles
throughout my life and have had many answered prayers.
I am writing to tell you about a VERY special miracle.
I had not seen my son Dustin in 4 years. He was in school and had a job
which did not permit him much time to fly out to visit me.
We spoke on the phone often but I so needed to kiss and hug him!!!!!
Because of financial problems and other family responsibilities I was
not able to fly out to visit. Or so I told myself.
He had just joined the Army  National Guard so I knew I just HAD to find a way
to go see him before they sent him to Iraq.
I prayed and prayed to God to please keep my baby safe..to protect his
soft natured soul from harm.
I did not want him to join the army and he did so against my will.
I called him on Christmas day 2006 and he told me " Guess what mom, I am
flying out to see you in early January!!!!!!!!!"
I was so happy!!!!! I could finally touch my baby.
On December 27th Dustin was in a car accident for which he never woke.
He passed away without feeling any pain. He had not one scratch on his face
or his head although he died of brain trauma.
Now I was going to fly out to see him at his funeral. He was barely 18 yrs old.
I was never going to be able to touch and kiss my baby while he was alive again.
Over three hundred people showed up for the memorial service but I did not notice more then a few. I stood over my son's body and stroked his soft hair.
And I saw his mouth twitch!!!!! I thought I was just imagining it. I stroked his hair again and spoke to him softly and once again I saw him respond to my touch!!!!!!!!!
I prayed to God at that point and told God thank you for allowing these last precious moments between mother and son and that I would never forget how much God loves me. A mother and child's Love crossed even the boundary of death
because God allowed it. Dustin responded to my touch and my kisses throughout the entire service. No one else witnessed it..it was private and I have not shared this with anyone but my husband until now.
I am not delusional and did not see him move in any way at any other time.
I know that he was not alive on this earth and that his soul had crossed over to be with God. It was a special miracle that God allowed just for us.
Love is the only thing we take to heaven with us...it never dies.
God bless you all,
In His Service, Mona
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