GOD'S Love is More Than Enough
By: patience.moabelo@dlm.co.za

It was on Sunday morning when I had this severe pain in my abdominal, when I woke up I told my husband and we didn't go to church we rush to see a doctor, to our amazement doctor told us that I was pregnant and he gave me medication to treat the pain and we were happy for the good news.  Monday I went to work as usual and everything was fine up until it was time to go home, on my way home the same pain I had on Sunday morning came back this time it was not going anywhere.  At home my husband tried to nurse me by making me drink the medication that I got from the doctor but now the pain was still there.  Imagine me and my husband without any medical aid for us to go to private hospitals, so we had to go to the public hospital and it was 9.00pm and we had to wait up until Tuesday 1.00am to see a doctor,  when the doctor saw us,  he said I had an ectopic pregnancy which means the pregnancy is growing in one of my tubes instead of a womb and the worst it had ruptured and was leaking, and it was going to leak up until I die. He told us that he is going to cut the tube that had an ectopic and I will be left with one. So the doctor said I need to be rushed to the theatre where they will be operating on me to take out the pregnancy.  When I look at my husband, I could see his sad face,  and when I was ready to be taken to the theatre, I had a chit chat with the doctor who was going to do all the operation,  I asked him if it is possible to have another ectopic and he said its rarely but yes it is possible and again if it damages the second tube that is left, they will be forced to cut it out and be left with no tubes and won't be able to have kids.  I told him that even if the ectopic happen again God won't allow the tube to be cut, and the doctor looked at me and ask if I was a believer and I told him, yes I believe in God.  He said you just don't only need theatre only, you need to believe as well.

The operation was done round about 3.00 am and when I woke up in the recovery room, the nurse told me that my husband and my doctor were long waiting for me and I was transported to the ward where I was going to be taken care of , so I met my husband and doctor, and the doctor told us that they did not cut the tube, they were able to just remove the pregnancy without cutting my tube so I still have my two tube.  God saw how I trusted HIM and HE rewarded me with HIS beautiful miracle for the doctor not to cut even one tube.

I just want to say that God's love is more than enough, when you trust HIM, depend on HIM,  HE will definintly show you HIS everlasting love.  GLORY TO MY ALMIGHTY, WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS GOD.  Indeed HE is alive,  Halleluyah

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