A Hug 
By: Anonymous
When I was a kid, my wornderfully loving mother and step father had been drinking and at age 11-12 it got much worse. My parents threw wild parties every weekend and drank during the week. Rarely did it affect their work. So even though I learned about alcoholism in school, I doubted they had a real problem. Until my father became verbally abusive and then progressed into the beginnings of physical abuse.

I had only been to church a few times in my life and didn't know much about God. But, I prayed every night and cried myself to sleep with Jesus comforting me. One night I actually felt Jesus holding me. It was so real, I cried happy tears and laid there for hours not wanting to fall asleep for fear that I'd never feel Jesus hugging me again. 

Lightning Bolt

I started reading the bible. When my father started becoming physically abusive, I started praying this prayer, "God, I don't care if you have to bring him within an inch of his life, please make my father stop drinking and be the good man I know he is inside." I prayed that for over a year until one night Dad did stop drinking.

The whole family was in my parents' room because they were having a fight. When he raised his hand to hit my mom, it looked like a real lightning bolt hit his hand from above and traveled down his body. We all saw it except my mother who was covering her face. My father went down on his knees and said to call 911. Dad had a very bad heart attack that night. 

Dad made a full recovery and never drank another drop of alcohol the rest of his life! I will never forget a few months later (maybe longer) sitting in a small church holding my best friend's hand on one side and my sister's hand on the other side crying happy tears together. My father was up front becoming a member of the church. I will never forget what he said, "For years, I let alcohol be my God and let me tell you, it did nothing for me. Now I have the real thing, the true God." My father did a children's sermon during church once a month and was very involved for years until he past away three years ago. 

I recently told my mother about my prayer for Dad years ago and she cried, agreeing that God answers prayers.

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