The Trail

I grew up in northern Michigan in a small town that I will not name. Needless to say it is in the middle of nowhere. I was 17 and not old enough to drink, yet we always found someone to buy for us. My friends and I were wild in our youth. We were always out partying and being wild kids. We all had motorcycles or dirt bikes that we drove way too fast.
Anyway, one night we were at a party at a friends cabin. The cabin had been in his family for years. It had no electricity and was was about 10 miles to the nearest house. Needless to say it was in the middle of nowhere. My one friend had his motorcycle and I had my dirt bike. Around 2 Am, we decided to head home, which was about 15 miles away though the trails and gravel back roads. 2 of our friends decided that they were going to leave with us. We all left, we each had a passenger on the motorcycles.
When we left, I was driving very fast. My bike was built for the off road, so I easily left my friend on his Honda 750 street bike in the dust. I didn't realize I was too drunk to drive and even if I was sober, I was still going too fast. As I drove home down this trail, the passenger and I started talking. We actually had to yell to hear over the sound of the engine.
Driving along, I was on a trail that went straight then about halfway down, it made a slight jog to the left and continued to go straight. Well I was traveling around 60-70+ MPH at this time and I was not paying attention to the road. As I talked to my friend that was on the back, I missed the little jog in the road and continued off into the woods. I remember looking back at him waiting for a reply to a question I had asked. I still remember how pale white his face was, that is when I looked ahead.
Now I realized I was off the trail, yet driving parallel to it about 10-15 feet in the woods. There were trees between us and the trail, and about 30 feet ahead of me was a jack pine tree. It was dead in my path, about a foot and a half across with broken barbed branches at the bottom. This whole time I had never let off the gas and was still cruising at the same speed. I had no time to stop or react at all. I just remember feeling my fiends helmet on the middle of my back as he got ready to brace himself. I just shut my eyes and waited for the impact. It was like time slowed down, I felt completely sober now and waited, yet I was too afraid to open my eyes.
What seemed like forever passing in probably a few seconds. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes, I was shocked at what I saw. We were back on the trail, going the same speed as before. I continued home with my friend that was on the back. The next day we talked about what had happened . He said he just remembered putting his head down and the next thing he knew we were back on the trail. Neither of us could explain what had happened that night. I went back and examined the spot, and realized that there was no way I could Have turned to get out of there at any speed. It was an Angel or the Hand of God that had saved both of us that night. After 15 years, I still get goose bumps thinking about it.  I thank God for this miracle every time it comes to mind. Because with out Him and His angels I would not be here to write this

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