The Two Men

One summer when I was 15 years old, my youth group went to church camp in Arkansas. On one particularly hot day, our leaders decided to take us to a nearby river to cool off.  The first part of the river was very calm and actually resembled more of a lake, and we spent several hours swimming around.  As the afternoon wore on, we discovered that further on down the river was a small waterfall and a deeper area to swim in.  Although the water did not appear to be deep at all, the youngest of our leaders, a 25 year old man, decided to jump in and see how deep it was. A certified diver, we did not question his swimming ability at all. My best friend and I sat down beside another of our leaders to watch and to tan in the sun.  As we sat talking, my leader mentioned that the man, who happened to be her little brother, was taking a long time to resurface.  When he finally bobbed above water, it became apparent that something was terribly wrong.  He was yelling as loud as he could, but because of the waterfall, we could not hear him. We could tell that he was in deep trouble though because of how he was thrashing around. It looked as though something was pulling him under. My leader got hysterical and we all yelled for someone to do something.  We were far from anyone else though, so we were left to watch helplessly as this man drowned before us.  By now, we were all crying and screaming, but my leader suddenly calmed down and asked us to pray for him as that was all we could do. As we opened our eyes from praying, two men appeared out of nowhere and jumped right in.  Effortlessly, they swam to the drowning man and easily pulled him to shore. We were astounded. He had obviously been caught in a type of whirlpool, and those two men had swam through it with superhuman strength. After we ran over and made sure that our leader was okay, we turned to thank his rescuers. They were gone. Astounded, we searched everywhere for them, but no one had seen them. We really do believe that they were angels sent to rescue our leader when no one else could. Thank you God!!
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