God's Work
By: Anonymous
In March of 2009, I went online to message my girlfriend and see how she was doing, when her mother answered and told me she , her grandmother and her younger sister just got into a serious 3 car accident. I was in shock, I found out that her grandma, and sister were hurt but going to be fine, but my girlfriend was in serious condition and in the emergency room. The doctors said she had a serious neck and head injury. Now her brother got on her phone and was telling me the details through chatting online with her phone. He told me that she was unconscious and flatlinning on and off, which meant her heart was stopping. They would revive her and bring back a heart beat , then she would flat line again. It was getting soo bad that the doctors told her mother she might want to call a chaplin in to give her her last prayers. Once I heard that I immediately broke down in tears and got on my knees and beagan praying to God, and begging him to help bring my girl back to us, because without her I told him I am also dead. All of a sudden, not through his words directly, but God sent me this feeling Ive never felt in my entire life. Somehow God spoke to me through a feeling, and he told me that you need to tell everyone that she just needs more time , Its not her time now, I will not take her, they all just need to have faith and believe. So I immediately messaged her brother back and told him what just happened, and that God told me through a feeling that she just needs time and everyone just needs to have faith and believe she will come back. I told her brother to go tell everyone what God just told me, and he did...All of a sudden she flatlined once again, I told hr brother plz believe God just told me, tell me you promise you believe plz, he said I promise. I told him I could feel her angel next to her and they are fighting stronger than ever and they are so close o coming back. He then said to me I promise. Literally within seconds, he messaged me back, shes got a heart beat again and its steady. The doctors said with her being dead for all those seconds that there is a great chance she will be paralyzed, I told him NO, just believe plz, then again seconds later he tells me shes moving her feet, her eyes are opening, and then all of a sudden, she woke up totally and started mumbling.I told him to go tell her that I love her, Ive never told her before because I wasnt sure, but I now knew that then that I was in love . He told her and she winked.took a few minutes, but she completely recuperated that day and was released the next night. The doctors told the family, they have NEVER in their medical experience and lives have ever experienced a patient so close to death, and with odds so small somehow just snap out of it and wake up like that..They were stunned and on the look of some of them if not all, they knew right at that moment that they have just seen first hand, a miracle of the Lord...To this day I thank him for answering my prayer, He spoke to me without words, instead he relayed a message to me through a feeling...I know why he brought her back, because our love is soo strong...Thats my story, so for those of you who dont have faith, plz try and you will see...God bless you all...


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