Miracle Baby
By: olyapink@gmail.com

Nine months ago I found that I was pregnant. I was so excited, so I scheduled my first Doctor appointment, when I got there they did an ultrasound and they told me that the baby is dead, they told me to go to a more powerfull machine to confirm if that is true, I did and they said the same thing that my baby is dead. They scheduled a vacum to remove the baby. I was so sad, I though to my self how could God let that happen. My family started to pray for me, My Mom fasted for me and my baby. Then my Mom called and told me to go to a third ultarasound and to a diffrent Doctor, When I did they told me that everything is fine and that my baby is alive! I saw the heart beat my self. I believe that God brought my baby to life, he heard all my familys prayers. When it came time to diliver my baby, I had to get a C section done, because my baby was head up, when the  sergery was over they told me that its a good thind we had a C section because my baby had her cord wraped around her neck. I am so thank full to God that he brought my baby to life, and protected her during surgery. She is now one month old healthy beautifull baby girl.

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