God's  Personal Prophecy
By: olhuka@yahoo.com

Here is a brief sketch of two verifiable revealments, coupled with specific arrangements of circumstances, that I could not dismiss.  One began at my work, 1982, 2:20 PM. An unmistakable "voice"--"(an 11 year old boy in our small church) will soon have an accident, but he won"t die." Unable to call his mother, I testified at our 7PM prayer service, not knowing a school chum had accidentally shot him in the cheek at 4PM. His parents had told of their impending divorce. Now, there was no divorce, and he is OK.  He still carries the inoperable "22" slug, just touching his spinal chord.   Another similar one, before, on Jan.3 1979, near a girl at her cash register. The hard to identify, yet unmistakable "Voice"--"some guy will attack her". Then,she briefly appeared as dead. I asked The Lord to help me in telling her of this. She did respond graciously. My attempt to borrow a tape recorder nearby failed. After a time, she described being hired "about a week from now" with her roommate, to watch a house for an hour for a security company officer, including the officer's name,etc.  Next day, I unsuccessfully asked my pastor to help report to the police.  I finally did it seven days later, just 26 hours before the "officer" killed both girls. From jail he named the very one who refused  the tape recorder, saying "he and I planned a photo and prostitution business".    The Ministry and others declared "you have ESP, and/or a gift from God". My reply is still "neither one! These are strictly spontaneous and only at The Lord's choosing".  This must be in harmony with all of The Bible's prophetically inspired writings.  Such provable arrangements and revealments, through whosoever He will, are also significantly His Word.


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