God's Miracles
By: nonni52@yahoo.com
When I was a young divorced mother of 2, I needed $10.00 to pay for a picture of my church choir that I had ordered. Ten dollars may not seem like much but when you don't have any money, it may as well have been $100. I had been promising the lady over & over again that I would have the money for the picture and apologizing each time I didn't.  She was so gracious about it but I was embarassed that I never had such a small amount. One Sunday morning, before morning worship, I told her I would give her the $10 that evening when I came. I knew I didn't have the money, didn't know where I would get it but enough was enough. I decided to trust God for it. During morning worship, my thoughts kept being interrupted with the fact that I promised her this money yet didn't have any way to get it - twice this happened. Each time I pushed it out of my mind and determined to praise God anyhow, this was His day. The thought of borrowing it came to me but I had "borrowed out" and didn't want to continue to do that.  After morning worship was over, I had just walked out of my pew when a member walked up to me and said "The Lord told me to give you this!" I knew before she pressed it into my hand that it was the $10!!!!  I started to cry and she just said "Praise God just praise God". The amazing thing was that I hadn't said a word to ANYONE about needing the money...it had to be God! Besides, I barely knew this lady as I had gotten saved just 2 months before. I think of this now, years later and tear up. I praise God for caring.  I Peter 5:7 says, "Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you".

Second miracle happened in Phila, PA, Dec 29, 2009 while on my way to pick my sister up from the cancer hospital. It was about 8:45 am on Roosevelt Blvd & there was rush hour traffic. I was in the center lane of a 3 lane highway on my side. I needed to get into the right lane. I glanced over my right shoulder as I moved into the lane. I didn't see the white car along side me in my blind side. I swerved back into my lane to avoid getting hit and almost hit the car in the lane on my left. So I swerved back and began fishtailing back and forth in the center lane. I could hear my purse, cell phone and other papers hitting the floor and falling around. In a flash all I could think of was I'm gonna be hit & killed! My sister is gonna wonder where I am & my family will be devastated. I have a small convertible and there was traffic on both sides and behind me, all going at about 45-50 mph on this highway. When I finally stopped, I was sitting across the center lane, facing a cement median about 3 feet high and the cars miraculously stopped in the middle and left lanes!! No one hit me, I didn't hit anyone or the cement median! God spared my life! Glory be to God! I turned my car to the way I was originally headed & picked my sister up. There was no damage to my car, I thought I would at least need a front end alighment. There are no words to express my gratitude, the only way I can show Him is to dedicate my life to Him and live my life for Him. 


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