Three Miracles

I truly believe that miracles happen everyday. I can give you three instances wherein God answered my prayers:

1. The prayer book

During my first Holy communion, my aunt gave me a prayer book. The prayer book, yet very simple, was covered in dark leather. It helped me go thru lonely nights as a child. One palm sunday, our house burned down. My room was the room that was completely devastated. All of my belongings were burned. This sucked for a 12 year old and I remember walking to my room crying and wondering why this was happening to my family. Then, on top of my melted radio, i saw my prayer book--leather intact and pages not burned. The only defect was the dark edges which today cannot even be seen today. After this, i knew God was there. I knew everything was going to be alright. 
2. Novena to St. Therese:
My husband and I have a devotion to Saint Therese. When i was in college, I was crushed when i found out that i got kicked out from school. I felt lost and I needed reassurance that I can in fact get accepted in another college (a college which is way better than the college that I got kicked out in). Because of this, I prayed the novena consistently and lo and behold, i got my answer. The St therese novena promises her devotees a shower of roses to the ones whose miracles are granted. After saying the novena, my mother (without knowing I was saying the novena) sent me a picture of a rose saying that my prayers were granted by St therese. It was a random mass text but it meant so much to me. I know that St therese intentionally sent that to me to let me know that my wish was granted. I was so happy.
After a few months, i was enrolling in my new college and knew that life couldn't get any better....

My husband, on the other hand, was puzzled the other day due to financial difficulties. He wanted to know that all his dreams will come true. He was driving to his sisters wedding and prayed to St therese for a sign. After this, he kept on seeing roses the whole day. Not convinced, he still asked for a rose. He asked St therese to please literally give him a rose and not just keep seeing roses everywhere. Lo and behold, St therese did give him a rose. During the entourage line up in his sisters wedding, the coordinator hung a rose corsage in his tuxedo. Who would think that his sisters preferred flower for her wedding were roses?!  

3. Novena to the Perpetual Help

Going back to my college dilemma, I also prayed the perpetual help novena and went to the chapel everyday praying for my "college miracle." I remember that in the end of my novena, I was half asleep and I remember dreaming of Mother Mary telling me to be happy since my wish was already granted. What made it more miraculous was that the helper in our house suddenly woke me up since I had a phone call from the Deans office of the college i was applying to. They told him to let me know that I have passed the exam and that I needed to report to them immediately. What a miracle it is!!! 

After some years, when i was being a bad bad teenager and was failing to keep my grades up, I prayed to Mother Mary again to help me get back on track. Although this time it took a year before she answered my prayer, she still did. She answered my prayer the best way possible since she knew that if she gave me what i wanted right away, i wouldn't have learned my lesson. God really works wonders and really knows when to answer you 

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