Miracle By the Fence
By: nelad95@yahoo.co.uk

when i used to be much younger i loved to be adventurous. nature was sorta my thing. i think it happened when i was about six or seven probably around that age or so. i was outside , and i had my little face pressed against the fence as i watched the streets. then suddenly a voice came to my head. it spoke to me. but it was my voice . my voice telling me'' stand back . there is a drunk crazy person coming your way.'' i wondered why i was telling myself this. so i took a few steps back and a few seconds later a man with torn clothes walked by drunk, looking at me and laughing. my litte self was creeped and confused and relieved all at the same time. i ran away. but something in the back me my head told me that if that voice hadnt spoken to me i would still have had my face pressed against the fence and who would have known what that man could have done to me. i am now fifteen and i look back at this as a miracle. God  really does exist and takes care his children.

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