The Quilt

Hi my name is Claudia I have a 22 month old daughter that has dwarfism named (Daisy) shes my baby sent from heaven. When she was 1 month old they told me she needed stomach surgery wich she did thank God everything went well then,when she was 7 months they told us she was going to have Head surgery i went crazy it was my baby.... so one day I told my neighbor and she told me that in Mexico they believe to have a quilt that they pass around people to make miracles so she brought me the quilt i had to keep it for one week so when she brought it to me the quilt was beautiful white and like silk. The next day I got it i had it with me and I was crying Alot!!!! And praying to God to save my baby from that surgery when all of a sudden I saw a image of an Angel on the quilt that I had not seen before it was beautiful and small this was the 2nd day of having the quilt so the 4th day it was the day of the surgery thank God surgery came good I even asked the doctors to Please let me put the quilt next to her during surgery which they said yes it was a risky head surgery but it went well the next day Daisy was like nothing even the doctors were amazed they had told me she was going to stay at least for 2 wks due to sleep apnea but No they let us out at the 3rd day and when I got home I looked at the quilt and there was NO Angel... I know it was her guardian Angel looking towards my baby girl.Thank God for this miracle.

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