My Miracle Story
By: myko@gw.fis.NCSU.EDU

On October 15th, 2001, my husband and I had another beautiful baby boy. I was 24 years old at that time.  Everything seemed to be fine, as far asmy health was concerned.  My husband and I were going through some difficulties in our relationship and it was due to financially instability on my husbands part.  The lack of responsibility and the lack of concern for his family was a big issue.  A week later on October 22nd, my 25th birthday, my husband and I took our newborn son to the doctors for his first check up, which was right next to the hospital.  We waited for a while when I had to go to the restroom.  I started hemorrhaging and didn't realize what was going on.  I had lost every drop of blood in my body.  I had a blood transfusion, 8 units of blood and 8 units of plasma.
The doctors didn't understand why and how I had hemorrhaged a week later instead of instantly after birth.  Apparently, the doctor who delivered left a portion of the placenta still attached and the blood vessel that was keeping it attached broke loose and became infected which caused the hemorrhage.  The doctors in the emergency room was telling my husband that if we were even a minute away from the hospital I would not have made it.  It was only God that had saved me.  The blood running through my body is the blood of Jesus Christ.  On my 25th birthday, the day I was born was the day I died and rose up again because of God's mercy and His grace.  This was an eye opener for my husband and our relationship has been wonderful

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