The Raven and the Hawk

When my son Ben died last year I put together a memorial in the mountains he loved to visit. It was still early in the spring so there was snow on the mountain tops. His wife had taken the ashes from the funeral home and never arrived at the memorial service. After we finished with the services I released a single white balloon into the sky. Our group of friends and family prayed, said goodbye, while watching the balloon hover in the blue sky filled with cotton wool clouds then drift higher until until the balloon passed over the snow capped mountains. I had asked God to give me a sign that Ben was truly up there. My Sister and I were the last to pack up and go. We noticed a raven hovering near so I fed it some scraps of food. After it ate it came right up to our car and started cawing. Sis thought it wanted more food. Just as  I threw it some bread a beautiful hawk scooped down, passing near me. Our eyes met and I knew, this was the spirit of my son. The raven was my Mom (she passed away 2 years before, and this was her special place.) The raven & the hawk flew up circled once and glided off over the lake. The most profound peace settled over me as I thanked God for the sign from heaven.  For several months at home I was blessed with many visits from eagles, ravens, and hawks. Sometimes they passed so close I could hear them.  They are gone now but the experience is mine forever.

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