God, This is Your Call
By: msfixit@northweb.com
Some years ago, I took five of my grandchildren on a vacation in Orlando, FL.  We had a wonderful 10 days there visiting all the attractions and amusement parks there.

We had driven to the nearest airport which is 175 miles away the night before, stayed over night at a motel and caught our early morning flight. Leaving my car parked at the motel where we had stayed.

Ten days, with 5 kids all under 12 years old, can be tiresome, Even for an energetic Grammy like myself. I was delighted when our return flight landed in NY. I knew that in a few hours, I would be home with my husband. I was looking forward to a vacation away from these grandchildren and some peace and quiet with just my husband and I.

As we landed in NY the sun was shinning brightly.
I called my husband and he informed me that although it was cold in Northern NY. The roads were clear and dry. A shuttle van took us to the motel and we picked up my car where we had left it.

We settled in my car for the 3 hours plus drive to home. By now the grandchildren we all home sick. Well, so was I. For the first 100 miles or so, the sun continued to shine very brightly. Then the snow started to fall. Very lightly at first but the further we drove the heaver the snow seemed to be falling. Fifty miles or so from home, we made a stop at a rest area. We all needed something to drink and a visit to the bathroom.

When we exited the rest area, the road was now blanketed with a thick layer of snow. The thought of pulling into a motel and spending a night, had crossed my mind. It was rough driving and the visibility was not at all good. Remembering how much these grandchildren had missed their parents and how much I just wanted to get home, kept me from doing the sensible "thing". I continued to drive.

The closer we got to home, the heaver falling snow we encountered. By now, my driving was slowed down to a "crawl" speed. I suddenly remembered !! In my haste to get on the road and to home, I had forgotten to remind everyone to buckle up. As I opened my mouth to remind everyone to put their seat belts on, my car hit a patch of ice under the snow blanketed road.

Hard as I tried, there was no getting this car under control. I knew that we were going off the road and I had no idea what was on the other side of the guard rails.

My oldest grandson, looked out of the back window and said OH NO!!! He knew before I did where we were going. As we crashed through the guard rails, I said "everyone stay calm." It was soon apparent that we had gone off a cliff. At this point, I simply removed my hands from the steering wheel and raised them in the air. There is no way to control a car that is flying through the air. There was absolutely nothing else to do but place my complete trust in God. I do remember saying "OK, God, this is your call."

My car had flown through the air for 25 feet down and landed on its back wheels, As we touched Earth, I grabbed the steering wheel and the car righted itself. Heading in a downward charge of a very step embankment. 250 feet of snow covered ground on a very steep and bumpy embankment, my car was going at a high rate of speed. I clutched the steering wheel and yanked it with all I had to avoid hitting huge trees in our path.

Looking at my 7 year old granddaughter beside me, I saw the fear in her eyes. Yet, none of these grandchildren had uttered a sound, throughout this terrorizing ordeal. I silently said "dear God, please protect and be with these kids. I was sure, that at least I was going to be killed before this very scary ride was over with.

We finally came to rest with the front wheels in a creek bed and the back wheels "hooked" over a stone wall that served as this creeks bank.

The silence was broken by my asking, " is everyone OK" as I quickly glanced at each of them, relieved that although filled with terror, all eyes were open. Through this whole scary trip down, down into the creek, I felt no fear. Fear and concern were taken over now. Smoke was billowing up from under my car. I gave the "command" for everyone to get out and in a hurry. All 4 doors opened with ease as we lowered ourselves into the icy water of this swiftly moving creek. Tears and cries of a thousand emotions were letting go from all the grandchildren as we climbed up over the stone wall. I was still not sure if any of them were injured. Once we were all over the stone wall, I quickly gave each of them a quick check for injuries. With the exception of a bruised knee, there were none.

We huddled in the snow far away from my car but close enough to feel the rumble of the ground and the heat from the explosion as the car literally blew-up. I put my arms around all of them as we drew even closer together. Cries of "Grammy, I was so scarred" to "I want my Mommy" Were very loud now.

The sound of a man's voice interrupted our joy and cries. I looked up to find a very pleasant looking man smiling down on us. His first words were "lady, your guardian angel must have been ridding on you shoulder. For starters there is NO WAY that a car the size of yours could have possible fit between the big trees where your tire tracks are." My response was "I'm not sure what happened, I just know that I put God in control of the situation, when it was out of my control."

All of my grandchildren got to sleep in their own beds that night. I can't remember my husbands arms ever feeling so good around me as they did that night.

The next afternoon, I went to see what was left of my once beautiful car. My husband and I stood and looked with surprise and shock. Beyond the fact that it was now a charred shell of a car, both sides were caved in with the doors hanging off.

The man who had driven the wrecker that had towed this demolished car from a creek bed, came out to talk with us. He told us how amazed he was that anyone got out of this car alive. He stated with humor that he was going to see if he could get me a job as an Indy 500 driver. He did not see how I could have avoided all the huge trees and not crashed into them head on. He could not understand how my car passed between huge trees when there was not space enough for my car to fit. He did not know how all 4 doors opened with ease when both sides of this car were crushed in. He was the most mystified as to why my car did not explode on impact, when the gas tank was ruptured and sparks flew as it was dragged across the stone wall embankment. He told me "what you did is impossible". I told him that nothing is impossible with God and I had made this situation God's call."

This is a true story. My grandchildren are all teen agers now and often talk about the scariest ride of their lives. We are all still alive today because I gave God my complete trust in an impossible situation. We have all learned to wake up each morning and say "God, This is Your Call !!!

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