The Little Car That Saved Our Lives
In 1994 I was in college when my friend & I went down to visit my older sister who lived in a small rural town in southeast Kansas.
While on our visit we decided to take a trip to go shopping in Tulsa, Ok.  It had been a long, fun day & we decided to end it by going to the late show inside one the malls theatres.  I was late when the movie was over & all except for one exit was closed. Of course not thinking before hand we did'nt move our car closer to the threate exit. In the dark with not even security around.The three us ventured outside staying close together making our journey to our car on the complete opposite said of the mall.  Walking as quickly as possible a truck with about three or four guys inside started tormenting us verbally in a hostile manner. We just ignored them & started walking faster toward our car. They kept bugging us & then started throwing raw eggs & us. They almost had us cornered by some bushes against the building. Of course by this time we were scared. I kept thinking God send us an angel or something. I was also thinking of my dear mother who passed away four years before.  But it got worse my sister yelled they have guns, we were all panic stricken not sure what to do.  We all tried to duck behind the bushes trying in vain to elude them. I was really praying by this time God please help us! please help us!. Just about that time we thought we saw a cop car come into the parking lot. From a distance all you could see is what appeared to be lights on top of a cop car. Apparently our tormenters saw this also an drove of in a sudden fury. Thinking God we came out of the bushes, just to realize it was just a little car with a luggage rack on top. Thank you very much God for Angels & "The little car that saved our lives."

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