The Man

I was downtown in Toronto at a bar with a group of friends. At the end of the night, I had a pocket full of change, about $10.00. I was always the guy who wanted to get late night food after a night out, so I told my friends on our way to the car that I was going to grab a quick slice of pizza. I was very hungry.
I didn't know the area I was in very well, I just walked down the street, turned the corner, assuming there was a pizza place close by. I walked for maybe 30 seconds before a man approached me and said,
"Excuse me. I need about $7.00 to get a bed in this place for the night. If you could spare any change that would really help."
Without hesitating, money already in hand, I gave him all the change I had. I just had a feeling that I was supposed to help this poor guy out. He then asked, "Are you a Christian?".
"Yes", I replied.
"I can tell. Thank you", then he shook my hand and walked away.
Normally I don't give money to people who ask me in the street, but I felt that this guy was truly in need. The funny thing is, when I turned around to go back to my friends...I wasn't hungry at all! In fact, I felt great and didn't even eat when I got home.
I know God was working through me that night

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