Signs from God on Mission Trip

I went on a mission trip this past summer and really came close to God. The last couple of months of my life were hard and i did not really have Christ in my life. On this mission trip we went to Peru and i asked God to show himself to me through the children of the villages and also through my pictures...   One day while having VBS with all the kids i looked to my left and there was this young child standing looking through a fence..  i took the picture and didnt think much of it...  later as i was looking at the picture i was able to see that the fence formed a cross by the way the wholes in the fence were ...  and the kids face was right in the middle where the cross was.. it was an unbelieveable picture...  the verse i compared to this experience was Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and i will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you and will bring you back from captivity. ... i truly seeked christ with all my heart.. and i found him....i shared my testimony and my experience with my church in MS when i returned home...
Another experience i had goes like this.. ever since i was young i always wanted a WWJD bracelet..  My d group leader promised back in 8th grade that he would get me one but he never got us one.... so on this same trip i recieved a wwjd bracelet in the mail from my sister.. she never new i wanted one so i figured man this is a sign from God.. its going to be great for me to wear this and its going to be a great reminder of God and also a great thing for me when i return home to stay strong..    anywayz.. the next day we were working on a trench in one of the villages and i looked down and this little boy was holding up a bracelet.. i looked down at my wrist and mine was gone... it had fallen off..    i was very upset and sad that i didnt have one anymore...  about 2 days later we were at another village and we were all playing with the kids..   as i was playing a man from one of the villages tapped me on the shoulder..   he was holding a bracelet out to me and i took it not thinking anything of it....the bracelet said XTO VIVE...  i said gracias and that was about as much as i said because being from Mississippi i didnt know much spanish..    anywayz.. iwent to the translator and asked her what the bracelet meant.. and she told me it meant Christ Lives.....  It hit me later that night that this was another sign from was like Jesus spoke to that man... i mean there were so many people there and out of everyone there he chose me.... like God was telling him "give it to that boy, he needs it"   even though i lost my WWJD bracelt God was stil there and provided for me another one..  it was an even better remninder of Peru because it was in spanish....  and it meant christ lives..  it was so amazing and God really touched my life.!!...     i still today wear the bracelet and it is a great reminder of my savior and his love for me and every person on this earth....  i am in college now and struggles come to me every now and then.. but i plan and pray to grow in college and not fall spiritual and i thank God for saving me everyday...

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