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I already have a 2yr old daughter o when I found out I was pregnant again I felt like I wasn't ready so I went or a abortion which was my first time. I was like 5 weeks when I went they did the procedure and everything. about 3 to 4 weeks later I went for a follow up to mmake sure the abortion went well when I get there they examine my urine and told me I was pregnant again I was shocked and said imposssible its not even a month from my abortion so the ran some blood and said to call the next day. I did as I was told and went to the hospital cuz I thought they left pieces of the baby inside me I went for a second opinion I explained my story and they did a vaginal sonogram and confirmed I was 10 to 11 weeks and that the clinic I went to did not remove any baby unless there was twins and they didn't see the other so I decided to keep my baby after all. at 25 weeks my water bag ruptured and I was told I had to be on bed rest in the hospital till either I go into labor or until I catch a infection that can harm me and the baby or at 34 weeks when they induce me. I only lasted a week in the hospital I signed myself out against medical rules because I was so stressed that I have a daughter that I can't see and be with because im in the hospital. so they told me to go to the high risk clinic in the hospital I did as I was told doctors told me to drink plenty of fluids because I was losing water everyday, and told me to keep track of anything different around my 28 week my urine smelled very funny doctors did a exam and found out I had a infection and admitted me right back into the hospital for a emergency csection february 11, 2010 at 8:29pm my daughter miiracle marquez was born weighting 2lbs n 6oz she stood in the hospital basically for 2 months she came home april 7, 2010 now she's home doing good. this is my miracle story thats why I named her miiracle with two ii's...

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