Two Stories
Miracles Behind the Wheel

Story 1:
About three years ago some of my family was driving: my three cousins and my aunt. My cousin in the front seat and my aunt in the back seat had their seat belts on in a car. But my two cousins in the back did not. As my family was driving a car cut them off, and the car my family was in flipped three times. My aunt and cousin in the front seatís windows were broken. But when you looked towards the back seat the windows didnít break and didnít have a scratch on them. My whole family was fine except for a couple bumps and bruises. Iím so thankful they were okay!

Story 2:
It was ten years ago. My mom and brother were driving on a highway road. It was kind of late and my three year old brother was asleep in the back seat. So my mom was driving and she heard my brother whisper, ďget over.Ē She looked back at him and he was still asleep. But she decided to get in the other lane anyway. About a second after she did that a drunk driver going the opposite direction was in the lane they had been in a while ago. If my mom didnít move over, they couldíve died. 

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