God's Protection

I was born in Malta 1947 to a maltese mother and father an English soldier, had 
met and married there and I was born 9 months later with septecemia, with no 
cure, I was left in a military hospital to die, was baptised and received the 
last rites. Mum asked for Our Ladys intercession that if I lived I would be 
named after her. Mum was quite wealthy being head cook in the dock yard. She had to take me away from the hospital, she then payed for a specialist to come from England who said all he could try was penicilin which was only used for amputees but I was dying so nothing to lose, had 15 boils on my body and weighed only 5lbs, he lanced them and was put in a bath of salt. I was the first baby to actually have penicilin.Slowly my temperature was  going down,  I could only have goats milk as I was so weak Am now 64yrs named Miriam (arabic for Mary) I know it was The Lord who did the miracle, but it was the Blessed Mother who prayed for me. Many things have happened in my life where I needed a miracle and the Lord has never let me down, when I go to mass I love to receive communion which is my spiritual medicine. I also have a strong bond with Our Lady and have dedicated my children and grandaughters to Her for Her protection, I am proud of them as they are good caring people. I also feel She is the one who took me to Her Son, Now I have a great love for Our Precious Lord, which I can't explain, but my life has a meaning now and without Him in my life, I feel I would be "empty". Amen

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