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Here you will read of true life miracle stories sent by people just like you.  If you have a story, please send it me and it will be posted right here.
Thank you.

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I divided the page and now, thanks to all of you, have two pages.  The other stories are listed here, Page 2
Thank you all so much for sharing your miracles with us.

Here we go!

A Message In A Dream
Golden Pages
Submitted by: LDYHOMBRE01@aol.com
Vicki and Her Great Grandparents
How did she know?
Submitted by: LDYHOMBRE01@aol.com
My Mother
I received such a gift
Submitted by: Susan
In the picture
Submitted by: jaynianne@hotmail.com
Jesus Came to Me in Person
He told me my calling
Submitted by:  jesus@orocom.net
God's Calling
Watching over us
Submitted by: claym@abs-link.com
A Prophetic Life
Ever since I believed
Submitted by: rhyszzz@hotmail.co.uk
The Mighty Hand of God
Dad's pool
Submitted by: Anonymous
Stroll Down the Lane
God heard me
Submitted by: mauricecreelman@hotmail.com
A Hug and Lightning Bolt
2 stories
Submitted by: Anonymous
My Miracle
God's gift
Submitted by: survi@airtelmail.in
God Hears Prayers
I always prayed
Submitted by: Leilani_DeGuzman@abs-cbn.com
Saved By a Voice
Someone spoke
Submitted by: mmasterson@arkansasonline.com
God Prepared Me
He knew
Submitted by: pearlmaart@intekom.co.za
The Parking Lot
God saved me
Submitted by: closer2mydream1980@yahoo.com
The Picture
I was blessed
Submitted by: blessed2bless77@aol.com
Babysitter's Worst Nightmare
I remembered
Submitted by: rae.poet.78@gmail.com
Only God Heard Me
He loves me!
Submitted by: Zanetta.Shell@robins.af.mil
Miracle By the Fence
God was with me
Submitted by: nelad95@yahoo.co.uk
One Snowy Day
Perfectly orchestrated events
Submitted by: cool_cat_ky@yahoo.com
Many Miracles in my Life!
Four miracles and counting
Submitted by: Alb1knob@aol.com
A Message of Salvation
God prooved to me...
Submitted by: Anonymous
My Family
God did all the work
Submitted by: Anonymous
Soldiers of God!
God's protection
Submitted by: didinky@live.co.uk
God warned me
Submitted by: Anonymous
God's Power
Nothing is beyond God
Submitted by: Jordan.Kindred@assumption.vic.edu.au
God has a way
Submitted by: iredamhsa4@yahoo.com
Miracle on a Ladder
I know how I survived
Submitted by: joyhardin@embarqmail.com
We Should Have Died
How is it possible?
Submitted by: sam@centralpg.ca
My Mom's Miracle
The imaging proved it
Submitted by: lindamnelson@gmail.com
A Healing Miracle
God never quits
Submitted by: peblevins@suddenlink.net
So Many Miracles
God is good
Submitted by: Pamela.Rashaed@dyn-intl.com
My Phone
God hears all
Submitted by: oadewale@ymail.com
God knows
Submitted by: soozykd@tampabay.rr.com
Have you asked?
Submitted by: trust_srrott@hotmail.com
Second Chance
Submitted by: gordies61@yahoo.com
A Real Miracle - Mom
The Hand of God
Submitted by: rhearuby_3@hotmail.com
Glory to God
The child 
Submitted by: elizabeth@fishgroup.co.za
Is This a Miracle?
God is there
Submitted by: TRTobey@aol.com
The Heron
He heard me
Submitted by: mcg.olivia@yahoo.com

The Ultrasound
God answered me
Submitted by: kellywitten@rocketmail.com
How did he do it?
Submitted by: Joe.Meyer@house.mn
A True Easter 2011 Miracle
On Easter
Submitted by: Anonymous
God Answered my Prayer Just Like That
God heard me!
Submitted by: bugatti_ssport@yahoo.com
Miracle Healing of a Dog
Meet Tuffy
Submitted by: heartsforhorses@yahoo.com
Glory to God
Not one problem
Submitted by: Annette.Burvick@nahealth.com
God's Hands on the Wheel
Not a scratch
Submitted by: judy@ukunqoba.co.za
Awesome God
Who did it?
Submitted by:susanmbuthia@yahoo.com
Divine Protection
He protected me
Submitted by: Anonymous
 A Miracle Healing 
I had an accident
Submitted by: Anonymous
Give Our Lord a Chance
What did I see?
Submitted by: avamary@hotmail.co.uk
 God is Good
I believe in God
Submitted by: Anonymous
God Spoke to Me
I knew
Submitted by: idealwr@iafrica.com
My Miracle Child
God was there
Submitted by: sheshe297@yahoo.com
True Life Stories
3 stories
Submitted by: maria.whyte@bigpond.com
My Heifer
I didnt know it couldn't be done
Submitted by: johnlewis42@msn.com
Christmas in the Park
A Near-Death Ice Skate Story
Submitted by: scrap1165@yahoo.com
The Quilt
God's Quilt
Submitted by: nancyflores999@gmail.com
Divine Intervention
We were instruments of God
Submitted by: mickheaney@hotmail.com
God's Miracles
2 stories
Submitted by: nonni52@yahoo.com
God's Protection
Blessed Mother
Submitted by: miriamparkinson6@yahoo.co.uk
I Am Saved
Heaven is real
Submitted by: Anonymos
Soldiers of God!
We were safe
Submitted by: deenzdeena@axis-connect.com
The Money
Answered prayer
Submitted by: frankqq555@gmail.com
I Was Very Sick
It is a miracle
Submitted by: pattywatty13@optimum.net
Three Miracles
God's love
Submitted by: agape_kpw@yahoo.com
Our Miracle Baby
We trusted God
Submitted by: pmghoi.waweru@gmail.com
Miracle of the Car
Two miracles
Submitted by: martha@kempke.com
God Prepared Me
God listened
Submitted by: demario.dunkley@gmail.com
God heard me
Submitted by: Anonymous
My Grandfather
I saw him
Submitted by: Anonymous
God Is With Me
He saw me through it
Submitted by: jewlzboutique@gmail.com
God's Plan For You
God is faithful
Submitted by: evagibastikova@gmail.com
The Tornado
I was warned
Submitted by: mbc714@aol.com
God helped me through it
Submitted by: Anonymous
Miracle at the Gas Station
How did he know?
Submitted by: joseandres31082@hotmail.com

God is here
Submitted by: 8646505069@vzwpix.com
Miracle son
We prayed
Submitted by: b2cconstruction@yahoo.com
The Statue
We painted the statues
Submitted by: Anonymous
The Trailer 
I was being crushed
Submitted by: j.barratt666@googlemail.com
God's Miracle
She heard me
Submitted by: chiztitch@yahoo.com
My Bike
The grace of God
Submitted by: munozjessica39@yahoo.com
My Miracle
Answered prayers
Submitted by: Anonymous
Jesus heard me
Submitted by: cwiley56@gmail.com
A Night I Will Never Forget
God knows
Submitted by: motherlisha81@yahoo.com
My First Miracle
God always kept me safe
Submitted by: llisa970@gmail.com
God Saved Me
I didn't do it alone
Submitted by: lauranndeniseoreilly@gmail.com
A Christmas Miracle
by David Lowe
Submitted by: DavidLowe7@aol.com
God's  Personal Prophecy
God told me
Submitted by: olhuka@yahoo.com
Healed by the Holy Spirit to Music
They were right
Submitted by: julie31_86@hotmail.com
Kaitlyn and Grandma
Ask Kaitlyn
Submitted by: lydiap@attglobal.net
God Is Here
I quit, God didn't
Submitted by: ceal9115@yahoo.com
The Vision
God saved two lives
Submitted by: anncunning@hush.com
My Miracle Son
Submitted by: gkenyon2@me.com
If He Shoots, I'm a Dead Duck
A P-47
Submitted by: ctmcdermott@comcast.net
Maw Maw
He saw her
Submitted by: kp722@aol.com


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