My Miracle

In 1997, while stationed onboard the USS George Washington (cvn-73 carrier) I was told by the ship's chaplain that I had a red cross message.  The message said that my brother was in a terrible car accident and that he was not expected to live. They flew me out from Palma, then to Spain then back to the States. The whole way,  I did not eat, but prayed and cried around the clock. I called the church, and the pastor prayed along with the whole church. When I got to the hospital, my brother looked like something out of a horror movie and in a deep comma. Nevertheless we continued to pray in faith.  That night I stayed with him and held his hand and reminisced about our days growing up. I cried and prayed again. In about a week he began to open his eyes. God brought him out of the comma, healed him, put him back on the police force, blessed him with a wife, then blessed him with a child.  Now my family has no excuse not to believe in the Most High God who rules the universe.

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