Divine Intervention
By: mickheaney@hotmail.com

Heres a strange thing that happened to my wife and I today… On the walk home after dropping our son off at school we were going to walk through the park and then home, but for no reason half way there my wife decided that she wanted to walk back and go along the river, unusually I didn’t complain about having to walk back the way we’d just come and agreed.

As we walked down the footpath we saw in the middle of the river, which is only a couple of feet deep, there was a smartly dressed man carrying his shoes and when we asked if he was ok he said “Is this the way to the coast?” as he was "trying to get to France". He was soaking from head to toe and shaking like a leaf.

We took him to the local Doctors and put a blanket round him and called the Ambulance (we’re kind like that in the countryside) and saw him away. His name was Greg and he was a burnt out Businessman from Scoland who had left a local priory the day before and wanted to go to France for a walkabout, however the priory were happy he didn’t make it and to have him back..

But whatever made my wife change her mind and want to walk along the river (and me not moan about it) is very odd but the only thing Greg had in his pockets was a prayer card.

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