Being Watched Over
I have always believed that their were angels in my life forever watching over me.  My 2 sisters and I came from a broken home and were reared by relatives...however we were constantly shuffled from home to home until our maternal grand parents decided to take us in...but before then we were constantly molested by friends and relatives..our grandparents never knew of these occurances when they took us in.
At first....things seemed just fine at our new home...we were given all the love and attention as any child would want we were happy for a time.  We also went to church quite regularly and, I think, we girls had a very good relationship with god at such a tender age.  Unfortunately..things took a turn for the worse a relative in the home started abusing us sexually when we reached puberty.  My two sisters left quite soon after that.  I, being the timid and shy one, severely insecure, remained behind...I encountered more of these advances towards me.  I remember quite clearly...alone in my room and going on my knees with tears streaming down my face, asking god for his protection from this nightmare.  I told my aunt of it and the abuser was confronted.  It then stopped awhile to start again.  I had no choice but to leave what I had called my home for so many years.
I was only able to leave after meeting a "very nice man" who turned out to be my husband in later years.  He turned out to be intensly abusive.  I expereinced many years of battery both ´physically and emotionally.  I remained several years in this relationship hoping to save my marraige in some way.  I had even ended up in a Safe House due to the intense abuse I went through. I kept going back because I had no where else to go and I still thought there was some hope of repairing my marraige.  At this point however...I started to despair and constantly contemplated suicide.  I often would pray that God grant me a dreamless sleep since I was in a constant state of worry and depression and could not sleep at nights but cry myself  to sleep. I remember quite distincty my hubby coming home á night after drinking and tomcatting whispering in my ear that he was going to kill me.  It was a constant chant and yet I remembered asking god for his protection and he did grant me a calm until my hubby fell into a drunken slumber.
The wake up call finally came after being in a near fatal accident with this man I called my husband.  He took me up in the car intoxicated and proceeded to speed down a highway.  I had no idea that he was drunk until he drove off in the car with me.  What puzzled me to this day is that it was not that late in the evening and there was not much traffic on the roads when it took place.  He was so drunk that he drove the car INTO THE OTHER LANE!  I was sooo terrified and screeched out to him to look at what he was doing...until he finally realised and turned the wheel quite fiercly thus hitting a ditch at the side of the rode and we somersaulted at least 5 times.  It was a miracle I only got out with a fractured arm!  It was also raining earlier hence the ditch where the car had turned over...was muddy so I shudder to this day to think that nothing more serious had happened if the ground were not soft to take the impact of the car...also...  If there were cars in the other lane...I would have taken the brunt of the blow!  I was protected again by some divine force!
With the help of family and friends..I was able to leave that abusive relationship and thanks to god's grace and his angels watching over me I was able to survive.  It was hard at first...and I had many depressing days where I thought god had abandoned me...but as the saying goes he may not be just walking with you but carrying you in his arms as well.  This is what I truly believe...God and his angels have touched my life in so many ways.  Now I am intensly happy in a wonderful relationship with a man who treasures me immensely!  Now I have a happiness I never knew that I would have ever experienced!   I truly believe too that God and his angels have played their parts again into bringing this person into my life...for that... I am once again forever grateful for their divine intervention!.
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