God's Healing Presence
By: mg_2110@yahoo.com

Me and my friend have been together for six years now. We are both working here in Dubai after she sponsored me. Everything was alright when last year month of October a swelling on her shoulder suddenly appear. At first we ignored it believing it will fade after awhile but it did'nt. She experienced an on and off fever from time to time that is why she decided to see a doctor. She was confined for one week and had several examinations but could'nt determine her illness. So, without the hospital's approval she decided to be discharged.
On the first week of January her swelling became worse, the swelling manifested on her face and goes down to her chest that is the time we get so worried. She flew back to our home country (Philippines) because we believe she will be treated there well. She went through several operations in the lungs, in the heart and they took a lymph node from her. The doctors presumed she's having a lymphoma which when I researched is a cancer. I didn't claim it. I strongly believe that God won't allow her to have that kind of disease. I prayed and talked to God as often as I could. I even asked Him to watch her over for me as I can't just go and visit her...even if I could I can't make her feel better but God can make a big difference in her life, I strongly believe that.
Only this week she said that the findings were negative. I am thanking God until now and I am claiming she will have a full recovery. I am sharing this wonderful experience so that people won't lose their faith to God. He is with us specially at times of troubles... I have proven that.
Thank you and God speed! :)

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