Small Miracle
I had a male coworker who needed a car so badly but couldn't afford to
buy one.  I took pity on him so I offered to give him my very old 1975
Cadillac deVille.  There was an engine problem and this car hasn't been
running for several months.  I told my coworker he can come to my house
over the weekend to take a look at the car. And if he thinks he can fix
it, then he can have it for free.  He and his friend showed up at my
house that weekend. They traveled a very long ways to come to my house
by bus and they looked very tired.  I gave them the key to the car.
Then, I closed my eyes and prayed hard to Father Solanus that the car
will start.  After turning the ignition key a few times, the car that
was dead for many months suddenly started and it was driven perfectly on
the freeways.  I was shocked but I truly believed Father Solanus
answered my prayer instantly.
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