My Sister

My sister was trying to get pregnant for about 9 years .  She had a miss carriage and became sad for the next years. She also stopped believing in GOD. We all tried to help her telling her not to give up faith but she didn't listen . One year pass and my sister told me she had a dream of GOD. GOD told her "why have you forgotten me? " Don't you know I will always love you and your daughter. My sister said she saw him as an old man holding a little baby girl she knew it the baby she lost 1 year ago. After that dream my sister wanted to go to church she begged god to forgive her ......she cried ....we prayed and we prayed till suddenly she felt sick . After a week she found out she was pregnant . We were all so happy . After 9 months we went to the hospital everything was going good but suddenly the doctors told us my niece heart stopped. We were all crying expect my sister . I asked her " Are you ok".   " Yeah I know she'll be ok . God told me". And she was .......  9 days later she went home , Now she's a healthy 5 years old girl. Thank GOD for our little angel.

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