Not Even a Flood Could Take Us

I was a single struggling mom to a 8 month old beautiful little boy. One evening I felt very strongly to pray over our one bedroom ground floor apartment. I anointed the doors, the doorways, the windows and asked for God to protect our little home and all that it contained, including us.

The following morning I felt uneasy but at the same time I remembered my prayers the night before. So quickly I prayed again over our home and left. While leaving I thought to myself "I should clean the mess up in the kitchen so no one sees it." Brushing off my thoughts, being my son and I were the only ones living there at the time, I raced out the door. It was 8am.

At 9am I received a call from my apartment complex telling me that the sprinkler systems had frozen and busted in four units on the upper floors and I needed to return to the complex.

I arrived at 9:30am and the fire department was already in my apartment. The only thing different was my belongings had been pulled back from the walls. I thought it silly since nothing notable had taken place.

Then I looked again and saw on the walls lines of water that seemed to "split". That was when I noticed that where the splits were was where my grandmothers paintings were hanging. Management told me they couldn't understand it.

You see there were a total of four units that the sprinkler system had broke. All of them were on the second floor. Everyone of them had collected so much water that the second floors collapsed into the ground floors. Everyone except mine. The water in the above floor had more water than the others and no one could understand how the above apartment, to my own, did not collapse destroying everything I owed or how the water split at all of my belongings and nothing was touched!

I still had to move but because of God's divine protection and care I lost nothing. God rocks my world!

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